Married at First Sight Season 12, Episode 2: Updated odds of success

Vincent & Briana star in Season 12 of Married at First Sight, airing Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime. Photo by Courtesy of Lifetime Copyright 2021
Vincent & Briana star in Season 12 of Married at First Sight, airing Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime. Photo by Courtesy of Lifetime Copyright 2021 /

Married at First Sight Season 12 started exactly as drama-filled as you’d expect. There are five couples with varying levels of compatibility, and it’s pretty easy to see there is at least one couple that won’t work

The first episode of the season pointed to two couples with a high likelihood of success: Briana and Vincent & Haley and Jacob. Then there are Ryan and Clara who felt uncertain until their wedding.

Conversely, there are two couples with a long road ahead. Virginia and Eric will struggle. Lastly, Chris and Paige are laughably mismatched.

What will the marriages bring?

Married at First Sight Season 12 – The Updated odds of success

Virginia and Eric

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He doesn’t want a second divorce and desires someone on the same page. Yikes. Unless he’s planning on punishing his liver, it’s unlikely he’s on the same page as Virginia. The first thing she does in the hotel room before the wedding is get a shot. Her friends aren’t shocked.

Later she has another shot, then champagne, then what looks like a Moscow Mule, then says she doesn’t want to eat. After the ceremony she says “I need a shot.”

During pictures, she says “I need a shot.” Guess what she says at least one more time on camera? Yep, “I need a shot, drink, anything. Can I have some wine?” At least now we know why she went with Grimace-from-McDonald’s-meets-spouse-abuse eye shadow. Or maybe she just wanted to match her mother’s mid-life crisis eggplant highlights?

She cries a lot before the ceremony and second-guesses the entire experience. It’s probably the alcohol talking. Family describes her as “life of the party,” while Eric is called “reserved.” He’s about to be a doormat until they have their breakup fight.

Pairing these two is something that should cause absolutely anyone to question the credentials of the “expert” match-makers. This relationship has some serious Amber Pike and Matt Barnett vibes from Love is Blind.

Odds: Previous 20%, Current: 10%

Clara and Ryan

Their marriage is the one with the blindfolds. The reveal is a little anti-climactic, but the vibe is good. Clara’s family describes her as energetic, a fan of serial killer shows (whose wife isn’t?), and free-spirited. That all means she talks nonstop and barely lets Ryan say a word. For what it’s worth, he is French-Creole, has a boisterous laugh, looks kind of like a chipmunk, and seems really cool. His personality is the polar-opposite of Hen-Bot 3000 from Married at First Sight Season 11.

The positives are, while he reads his vows there are a few tears from her friends, and she doesn’t seem to look at his hair. He’s never said “I love you” to anyone, which is concerning because she has insecurities about not being loved back.

Odds: Previous 10%, Current 60%

Briana and Vincent

My favorite couple! She’s a super-organized engineer and wants a smart, intelligent, driven man to whom she’s attracted. Convenient, because he claims to be a serious man who believes in destiny and “building an empire.” Another positive sign is the bridesmaids like him a lot.

This is seriously meant to be. Their both religious, like dogs, and are attracted to one another. Their post-wedding discussion is really comfortable like they’ve known each other for quite some time. Even Vincent says it feels natural and organic.

The primary hurdle for them will be the father of the bride, who either has Bell’s palsy on both sides of his face, is the world’s biggest Grumpy Cat fan, or is ready to shank Vincent as soon as cameras turn off. As the newlyweds leave the ceremony, death stares pierce the back of Vincent’s head.

Odds: Previous 70%, Current: 80%

Chris and Paige

Paige’s friends wonder if Chris clips his toenails on planes. Probably. As you can imagine, Chris is focused on money and sex before the nuptials. He promises to protect her heart and give her a lot of kids.

She wants several kids; so, maybe they have at least one thing in common…if she can ignore his purple suit and lack of socks.

Odds: Previous 10%, Current 5%

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There you have it, the initial odds of success for three couples on Season 12 of Married at First Sight. Next episode drama for Chris and Paige, as well as full introductions for Haley and Jacob.

New episodes of Married at First Sight air Wednesdays on Lifetime at 8/7c.