Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra might adopt if they can’t have another child

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are thinking more seriously about adoption, reports Us Weekly.

The Teen Mom OG star recently told Us Weekly that the longtime couple definitely want “one more child” in the future. However, Lowell has revealed that one more child would also be the last. For now, Catelynn says they’re still not sure when or if another baby “will happen.” However, she and Tyler are still “leaving things up to the universe” for the time being.

“Whatever happens, will happen, I guess, in its own time,” Catelynn said, adding that adoption is definitely up for discussion and more serious consideration.

The happily married couple are the parents to two children together, along with their first child, Carly, who they gave up for adoption in 2009. Late last year, Catelynn confirmed rumors that she had gotten pregnant. To the shock of many, however, she also revealed that she’d gone through a heartbreaking miscarriage during an already hard year.

In her lengthy post shared to Instagram and Twitter, Catelynn Lowell opened up about still being “in the thick of it” when it came to coping with the tragic loss of her baby. She also noted that the “emotional trauma” was still very real and claimed that both parents still had a long way to go in terms of healing from it. You can read the full post here.

As noted by Us Weekly, Catelynn’s 2020 miscarriage was sadly not her first. At the time, the reality star said nothing would hold her back and that she still ultimately wanted another child. It’s not crystal clear when adoption became a very real option, but it does seem that her tragic losses in 2017 and 2020 opened up potential avenues for growing their family not previously considered.

Undoubtedly, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are still healing from the tremendous pain of their past losses. While adoption is now an option for these two, more healing still has to happen before they decide when it’s time for another child. But no matter what comes next for their family, we wish them nothing but the best moving forward.