Your Honor: 10 problems that may come back to bite in the end

Bryan Cranston as Michael Desiato as in YOUR HONOR, "Part One". Photo Credit: Skip Bolen/SHOWTIME.
Bryan Cranston as Michael Desiato as in YOUR HONOR, "Part One". Photo Credit: Skip Bolen/SHOWTIME. /

The Showtime series Your Honor  is nearing its season end and has proven to be an adrenaline rush from the very first episode. Adam, the son of reputable Judge Michael Desiato played by Bryan Cranston, rams into a motorcycle while looking for his asthma inhaler and kills the young son of the notorious crime boss Jimmy Baxter. One thing that’s for sure is that revenge is in order, and the Baxters are willing to do whatever it takes to get it.

While Michael has built his career honorably seeking justice, he must now bend the law to protect his only son. The rabbit hole that Michael has fallen into has forced him into breaking the law, tampering with evidence, and a myriad of crimes that he has punished during his career. But none of that matters to him; his priority is to erase and suppress any evidence that links his son to Rocco Baxter’s death.

It’s a cross that any parent would bear for their child, especially since not only is Jimmy a vengeful criminal with the means to kill, but his wife is by far more vindictive. The only problem is that all of Michael’s efforts lead to even more incriminating evidence and a new chance at being discovered red-handed. Additionally, innocent people are paying for this coverup.

It gives a new meaning to the word privilege and how easy it is for people of power to rope in those who don’t have the same means of protection to take the fall. Even so, you will find yourself heavily invested in the Desiatos’ secret being safe. That being said, anxieties run high every time Michael and Adam are on the brink of being discovered for covering up the crime. And now that we are almost at the end, it seems that there is a ton of evidence that hasn’t been discussed and can come back to haunt them.

Your Honor
Hunter Doohan as Adam Desiato in YOUR HONOR, “Part One”. Photo Credit: Skip Bolen/SHOWTIME. /

10 examples of damning evidence that can ruin the Desiatos on Your Honor

1. Asthma Inhaler

Jimmy’s loyal henchman found the asthma pump at the crime scene when it seems that the police had missed it. And while Jimmy currently believes that Michael is the one who was in the accident, he could at any time realize that Michael doesn’t have asthma and that the inhaler belongs to Adam.

2. The police officer at the bridge

Michael took all of Adam’s bloody clothes from the day of the accident and threw them off a bridge, and pretends to be urinating when a cop stops him. When the cop scolds him, Michael uses the alibi of an attorney he had encountered and claims he has prostate cancer. What if Michael crosses paths with the cop who can place him on a bridge the night of the murder lying about having cancer?

3. The bloody towel the dog took

While Michael cleverly distracted his dinner guests when his dog showed up with a bloody towel, they all still saw the towel. What if one of Michael’s guests is prompted to look further into it?

4. The car that followed Adam

Adam was followed by a car after he left flowers at the location where his mother died. Once Adam has the accident, the car reverses and exits in the opposite direction. What if the guys in the car start talking?

5. Adam confessed to his photography teacher

Although Michael told Adam not to tell anyone what happened, Adam unloads on his teacher. A teacher that was previously his lover. What if the teacher comes forward with his confession to the authorities?

6. Lee is still investigating Kofi Jones’ murder

Kofi Jones was murdered in jail by the Baxters for Rocco’s death. But clearly, he was innocent of the crime, and his lawyer has not stopped looking into his death, although he is no longer a living client. Lee could piece together the picture just as quickly as Jimmy did.

7. Eugene is still looking to avenge his family

Eugene may be a child, but he is now a member of the Desire gang. As soon as Big Mo finds out who really killed Rocco, she’s going to tell him. Even if the Baxters don’t become a risk for the Desiatos,  Eugene and his gang can.

8. Adams grandmother knows too much

I’m not saying that Adam’s maternal grandmother is capable of snitching on her grandson, but she could make things more complicated for Adam and Michael. She very quickly realized that Adam and Michael’s alibi of visiting Robin’s grave was a lie, and she could bring that up in front of the wrong person.

9.  Adam and Fia’s relationship

Adam knows not to tell Fia that he’s the reason that her brother died…for now. But what if their relationship gives the Baxters information that they wouldn’t have otherwise?

10. Jimmy may be aware of Fia and Adam’s relationship

Jimmy seems to have noticed that Fia was with Adam during his surveillance of Michael. Could he use his daughter’s relationship to his advantage?

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