Watch SEAL Team Season 4, Episode 6 live online

Bravo Team will need to do whatever possible to save Ray before it’s too late. Here’s how to watch SEAL Team Season 4, Episode 6 live online.

The previous episode gave us a look at where Ray is, and it’s not good. It’s not going to be easy for Bravo Team to figure out where he is, and when Ray finds out, he’s probably going to lose that last bit of hope he has left.

However, Bravo Team isn’t going to give up. Jason will never let his best friend just get left behind. But how will they be able to locate it?

That’s all Davis’s job. She’s going to figure out where Ray is being kept. With that, Bravo Team can deploy to find him. It’s just not going to be easy when it’s a shipping container in the middle of the ocean.

What will Ray do on SEAL Team Season 4, Episode 6?

Ray is going to fight back to get out. He’ll believe that he’s somewhere on land, which gives him the chance to get free and possibly find a way to make contact with Jason. How is he going to react when he learns where he is?

In the promo, we see him send a goodbye message. It’s clear that he’s found out where he is and he’ll start to lose some hope.

We also get some footage of what his captors are going to do to him. It’s all mind games right now, but how long until something more serious happens?

Check out the promo and synopsis for SEAL Team Season 4, Episode 6:

As Ensign Davis tracks Ray’s location to a shipping container in the Mediterranean, Bravo team becomes increasingly desperate to rescue their brother before it’s too late.

Don’t miss out on the all-new episode of SEAL Team. You can catch up on CBS All Access, but you can also watch live with the following details:

Date: Wednesday, Jan. 27
Start Time: 9/8c
Episode: Season 4, Episode 6, “Horror Has a Face”
TV Channel: CBS
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2