General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, January 28: Nina wants answers and Jason confronts Peter

The drama continues on General Hospital as Nina Reeves clamors to find out why Sasha Gilmore is wearing the other half of her heart necklace. This storyline of who Nina’s real daughter is has been ongoing for quite a while now. Fans are anxious to get it all out in the open and it seems that it’s getting closer than ever.

What other storylines do fans want to see move forward at a faster pace? How about Peter August?

Peter is always up to no good, but more people are catching onto him. Even his sister Britt Westbourne laid into him on Wednesday’s show (Jan. 27).

Fans are also ready for Peter to be caught in his web of lies as well. Liesl is doing her best to nab him. Remember when she had Peter tied up in a cabin two years ago? She is still seething, especially now that he framed her for murder.

Here are your General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, Jan. 28.

Nina is livid and Carly makes demands

Nina spotted the half-heart necklace that was hanging from Sasha’s neck while she was being interviewed by Jackie Templeton. It looks like she will run downstairs to confront Sasha about it. In the previews, Nina demands to know why the Deception model would do that.

Meanwhile, Carly will be totally worried that Nina will see the necklace on TV. She will demand that Lucy stop the interview immediately. It’s doubtful that Lucy will be bullied by Carly’s request.

Unfortunately for her, it will be too late. Avery seemingly gave the jewelry as a good luck charm for Sasha. The good deed will likely cause plenty of issues for both Carly and Jax.

Jason goes to bat for Britt

Britt has realized what her brother is capable of. Peter stole the medical files on Franco in order to get the word out that Franco’s tumor is back. Now everyone in Port Charles views him as dangerous. Peter threatened Britt just as Jason walked in on Wednesday’s General Hospital. Now Jason will confront Peter as to why he is threatening his sister.

This happened right after Franco was thrown out of Peter’s office after attacking him. He headed to GH just as Sam and Alexis were bellowing to Elizabeth about Franco’s tumor. Well, at least Alexis was bellowing. She was pretty upset about it and headed to a room where she spotted a syringe lying on a tray.

Fans think that she could possibly try to use that to kill Franco. On Thursday, she will be questioned by Chase about something. He asks her if she witnessed the incident.

General Hospital spoilers say that Alexis will have her eyes opened. This will likely have something to do with this incident that happens this week.

Other General Hospital spoilers

Sam just caught wind that Franco set up arrangements just in case his past behavior returns. She now wants to know what arrangements he and Elizabeth are talking about. Will they let her know that Jason intends to kill Franco if that should happen?

In other news, Sonny makes it back to Lenny and Phyllis, but they are still worried about his weird behavior.

How long do you think it will be before Sonny gets his memories back? Will the mystery of Nina’s daughter finally be solved? Let us know what you think!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.