General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, February 4: Is Maxie having second thoughts about marrying Peter?

General Hospital invites you to the wedding of not only Finn and Anna, but also Maxie and Peter. The double nuptials will be happening very soon, much to the dismay of the soap’s dedicated viewing audience.

Peter August hasn’t been a fan-favorite so far, and it’s doubtful that he ever will be. However, actor Wes Ramsey is definitely playing his character well.

On Wednesday’s show, Maxie started having plenty of anxiety after her chat with Dante. He certainly gave her something to chew on.

Of course, Peter overheard everything that was said and used it to his advantage. He fired Dante from his job at The Invader. That brings a whole new complication into Dante’s mission to nab Peter.

Maxie visits Nathan’s grave on General Hospital

Nathan’s grave seems to be a hot place to visit this week. First off, Valentin Cassadine brought some flowers. Maxie then decided that she needed to have a chat with her late husband. Dante told her that he thinks she is drawn to Peter because he is Nathan’s half-brother. She denied it, but now that is on her mind.

It seems that Maxie is having second thoughts on her love for Peter. She and Nathan were a power couple and perfect for each other. Fans were not happy that he was killed off, and they are not happy that she is having his evil brother’s baby and about to marry him.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday says that Maxie will continue her visit at the gravesite. Will Nathan come back as a ghost to bring his wife some much-needed advice that she is seeking?

Another visitor shows up

Nathan has yet another person who will show up to chat with him. His sister Nina will show up just as Maxie is there. The previews reveal that Maxie isn’t too happy with what Nina may have to say.

These two women have gone through a lot. It sounds like Nina may also want some advice from Nathan as well.

Do you think that Maxie will change her mind about marrying Peter? Sound off your comments!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.