General Hospital weekly spoilers: Buried secrets are about to become unleashed

February sweeps continues on General Hospital this week and it’s about to get pretty intense. Nina is on a rampage about her daughter, who is supposedly Nelle Benson. Peter’s secrets are also about to become unraveled very soon.

Monday’s episode had Peter confessing his sins to Valentin. There are many secrets that are being kept in Port Charles, which always means that they will eventually be revealed in a big way.

Jax and Carly’s big secret that they have been keeping from Nina has already been revealed. Nina was shaken to learn that Nelle is her long-lost daughter. But the weekly General Hospital previews tease that she may also find out that Carly and Nelle had a fight in the woods right before Nelle died. Nina’s fury is about to be unleashed upon Jax and his ex.

Here are a few more teasers for the week of Feb. 8 that will keep fans wondering what will happen next.

A mysterious person shows up on Monday’s General Hospital

Fans got a glimpse of what is to come on the ABC soap very soon. While their face wasn’t shown on Monday’s show, it appears that someone has something to share with Peter. He may get a shock and his bride Maxie may get an earful at their upcoming wedding.

Alex Marick is supposedly dead, but someone else with the last name of Marick is very much alive and ready to blow things up. The envelope with Alex’s last will and testament is being sent to Peter. The return address has D. Marick printed on it. Viewers may have already guessed who this mysterious person is.

Alex was married to Dimitri Marick when they were both on the former ABC soap All My Children, so that certainly makes sense that he would pop up. No one was expecting that.

What we don’t know just yet is what is on that flash drive that was stuck in the envelope. With the whole memory transfer storyline, this could get quite interesting. Whose memories could be on that drive?

Monica is shocked

Who is behind door number one? Monica is about to find out when someone comes knocking this week on General Hospital. In the weekly preview clip, she opens the door and looks surprised to see whoever it is standing there.

It’s highly likely that Brook Lynn Quartermaine returns to Port Charles this week. That wouldn’t be too shocking, except she will be quite pregnant if it is her.

When Brook Lynn left town a few weeks ago, she had just found out that she was pregnant. Actress Amanda Setton is expected to return to her General Hospital role as Ned’s rambunctious daughter.

It looks like Valentin may be a daddy once again. That would surely put a damper into his plan to get Nina back into his life.

Do you think Dimitri Marick will be the one who unravels Peter’s life? Let us know what you think.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.