Your Honor finale: What happened to Michael and Adam?

Bryan Cranston as Michael Desiato in YOUR HONOR, "Part One". Photo Credit: Skip Bolen/SHOWTIME.
Bryan Cranston as Michael Desiato in YOUR HONOR, "Part One". Photo Credit: Skip Bolen/SHOWTIME. /

Somehow Michael Desiato finally made it to the end on the Your Honor finale.

He had thrown away his honor and reputation to save his son’s life, but he messed up a lot along the way. Michael has involved himself in some underhanded deeds that could bring the truth about his son to light. Some of his biggest mistakes are small, like when Michael stared at Jimmy Baxter for approval during a court hearing, and Nancy Costello figured out that there was a partnership there.

By the time we reach Your Honor‘s season finale, the truth is spilling out at the seams, and almost everyone knows. Michael doesn’t care because he is at the home stretch, and all he needs to do is make sure that Carlo Baxter doesn’t go to jail for Kofi Jones’s murder. But Michael fails to realize that if anyone knows that Adam is the one who accidentally killed Rocco Baxter in an accident, the trial won’t be his only problem.

One shining light in all of this is that Charlie also knows, and he’s able to use his influence as future mayor to keep Costello’s mouth shut with promises of future promotions. However, Lee is the perfect example of why Michael should have been more careful. He may have thought encouraging Lee to be Kofi’s lawyer would have worked in his best interest, but it may have been his downfall.

While Michael makes sure no other influences enter Carlo’s case so that he is released, the verdict alone isn’t enough. For one, Adam runs out of the courtroom before the ruling to take a few pumps of his inhaler, and Jimmy and Gina Baxter witness the whole thing. They recognized the labored breathing and remembered the inhaler found at the scene.

Do Michael and Adam get away scot-free on the Your Honor finale?

But that’s how Adam messed up the plan; Michael’s errors with Lee run deeper. For one, Lee has no sympathy for Michael as a father trying to save his son because the Baxter’s obliterated an entire family because of Michael’s actions. Eugene is all alone in the world, and his family was innocent. Lee wants Michael to do what’s right and put Carlo in jail. If Jimmy should kill Michael in the end, well, atleast it’s not Adam.

Michael loses Lee instantly when he continues on his march to free Carlo. It’s a loss he was willing to endure for his own life and his son’s.

However, after the trial, Adam ends up at the center of a Baxter celebration in a hotel while Jimmy silently plots against him. Jimmy embraces Adam while Michael watches in the window. For the time being, Jimmy is just playing games. But it’s almost unavoidable that by the end of the night, he’ll unleash some plan against Adam.

Your Honor Finale
Hunter Doohan as Adam Desiato in YOUR HONOR. Photo Credit: Skip Bolen/SHOWTIME. /

But that doesn’t even get to happen because another unavoidable mistake barges in the party. No justice for Kofi’s murder means that Eugene is left with nothing but vengeance brewing in his heart. He uses the money that Michael gave Lee for the signed baseball to buy a gun. Talk about irony.

Eugene then barges into the Baxter party undetected and aims the weapon at Carlo. However, Eugene misses and hits Adam in the neck.

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At the end of the Your Honor finale, Michael lost Adam anyway. The sad part is that Jimmy didn’t even have to orchestrate Adam’s death. Karma came along and took the boy before he even knew what hit him.

Will there be a second season? Showrunner Peter Moffatt says that he has the material if Season 2 gets the green light.

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