Will Trickster Season 2 happen on The CW?

The Trickster Season 1 finale has just aired, and now your eyes are on the future of the excellent series. Will Trickster Season 2 happen?

Caution: There are some spoilers in this post for the ending of Trickster Season 1.

Let just start with that ending! Jared put his life on the line to prevent Wade from getting stronger than ever.

The ending certainly worked as a series finale, but there were also many questions for the future of the show. And we know there are more books in the series to develop. Will The CW air the extra episodes?

Well, it’s not up to The CW for the series to be canceled or renewed. The CW can just choose to license the show depending on CBC’s decision. And the Canadian broadcaster has made a choice.

Trickster Season 2 isn’t going to happen

There’s some bad news for all fans of the series. Trickster was originally renewed, but CBC reversed the decision earlier this year.

It’s got nothing to do with COVID-19. The show was on track for pre-production to bring the second season in fall 2021. However, the controversy around the series has arguably led to its cancellation. CBC hasn’t confirmed it, but it’s easy to see why it’s happened.

Co-creator Michelle Latimer was caught potentially lying about her heritage. The lie may not have been intentional, but it has hurt a lot of people. While she stepped away from the series so it could continue, it looks like the controversy can’t leave it. Sadly, the series has been canceled, and it doesn’t sound like anyone is in talks to save it.

So, that means there won’t be a second season coming to The CW in the future. There are the books that you’ll definitely want to check out.

Trickster is available to stream on The CW App.