Is Blackburn really leaving SEAL Team?

Bravo Team has gone through another change during SEAL Team Season 4, Episode 7. It looks like Judd Lormand’s Blackburn is now leaving.

I’ll be honest and say that I worried about this during the third episode of SEAL Team Season 4. Suddenly, Judd Lormand had gone from a series regular to a special guest star. That tends to happen if a character is going to be written out of the show.

During SEAL Team Season 4, Episode 7, Blackburn explained to Bravo Team that he wouldn’t be heading on the latest mission with the team. Lt. Soto was joining them instead, and he would stick around permanently.

Blackburn has been offered a promotion. And while we should be happy about that for his career, it’s hard to be happy about another change in the series. Granted, SEAL Team has been extremely close to reality when it comes to people moving on in their careers. It’s a good thing about the show until it means losing actors that we love.

Will Judd Lormand return to SEAL Team?

The good thing about Lormand’s Blackburn getting a promotion is that he could return to SEAL Team in the future. The good news is that he isn’t gone permanently. We’ll just have to wait to see if paths cross.

For now, though, it does look like Blackburn is moving on. He even drank the yard of ale at his promotion ceremony.

It also looks like David Boreanaz could be moving on from the series. Jason agreed to move to San Diego with Emily, where he’ll be running things at BUDS. This doesn’t mean he’s leaving the show, though. This could give us a chance to see him train the newbies. After all, the show started with two separate storylines as Clay went through his training.

We quickly learned that isn’t going to happen. Jason realized there is only one job that makes him want to get up in the morning. He wants to be Bravo 1 again.

Of course, it also comes with Sonny suggesting he could move to another team. That’s to make Savis possible, so maybe we can accept that one. It’s not set in stone yet, though.

It is a lot of change, but the positive is that the show is staying true to reality. It’s often extremely hard to do this on TV shows because viewers get attached to characters. Hopefully, viewers are connected to enough characters on the series to stick with it through the changes.

What do you think of Blackburn’s promotion? Are you willing to give the new guy a chance on SEAL Team? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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