WandaVision is perfect even if you’re an low-key Marvel fan

No matter where you turn on the internet, someone is talking about WandaVision. Whether it’s articles, tweets, or videos pouring over the episodes, you can’t escape the show. If you’re not a major Marvel fan, then you might be wondering why and rightfully so. It seems as though Marvel has gotten blown out of proportion in recent years and changed the superhero genre in infinite ways.

In particular, Marvel is mostly known for its movies rather than TV shows. The 2010s were dominated by the movies and we got a small glimpse at what the TV shows could do. Netflix did give us an idea of what we could have with shows like Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Luke Cage among others. Within the last decade, you couldn’t turn your head without running into a Marvel property.

After the release of Avengers: Endgame, we got a brief respite. For those who weren’t Marvel fans though, it probably hasn’t felt like a long time. Even for casual fans, it’s clear they noticed the huge gap Marvel left in the film world. Nevertheless, Marvel didn’t keep us waiting long and decided to release WandaVision in 2021 much to the excitement of fans.

If you’re not a huge Marvel fan but are subscribed to Disney+, then WandaVision might be exactly the show for you. While these two are by no means the most popular characters in the franchise, the series does a great job of making you root for them. However, the series might be exactly up your alley even if you’re not the biggest Marvel fan or if you’re not caught up on the movies.

WandaVision is a perfect series if you’re only a low-key Marvel watcher

The major selling point for this show is that it starts off in a way you don’t expect. The first few episodes just give us a glimpse into Wanda and Vision’s life in Westview. Ultimately, it doesn’t seem like much of anything. You really get a small look at their daily lives and it’s nice but it quickly starts to change when you get to episode three. The tone shifts significantly, giving the series a much darker feel but it still keeps the essence of what made the first few episodes so enjoyable.

Even if you haven’t watched all of the movies, the show does a great job of discussing plot points. Obviously, it spoils what happens in said movies but the series does a great job of recapping what you missed. Most notably, it does a great job of showing Wanda’s backstory and you find out why as the series goes on. Ultimately, her role in the series is bigger than anyone else’s but you don’t find out until almost the halfway point of the series.

WandaVision also does a great job of paying homage to other popular sitcoms of the past. The first few episodes flashback to shows like I Love Lucy and Bewitched. Eventually, things shift into the next decade with series like The Brady Bunch and Full House. Episode six has been the most modern yet with its inspiration coming from Malcolm in the Middle. Each time the show pays tribute to another series, it really feels like an entirely new show which isn’t easy to do.

As someone who isn’t a huge Marvel fan, I was understandably cautious when going into this show but it’s been surprisingly easy to fall into. The series really sucks you in with such compelling characters who you can’t help but root for, a mystery to solve, and lots of questions to ponder before and after an episode airs. While it might not be exactly what you imagine upon watching the previews, WandaVision has become one of Disney+’s most popular shows in a matter of weeks.

Overall, WandaVision was the perfect pick for Disney as its first Marvel original series to premiere on the streaming service. Up until that point, the only Marvel originals featured on the platform were documentaries. In March, WandaVision will wrap up and Disney is set to premiere The Falcon and the Winter Soldier but no doubt WandaVision will be the best place to start if you’re looking for a new series or waiting for your favorites to return.

WandaVision is currently available to stream on Disney Plus. 

Have you watched WandaVision? Do you think it’s a good starter show for low-key Marvel fans? Be sure to let us know in the comments!