5 best moments from The Equalizer, season 1, episode 3

In season 1, episode 3 of The Equalizer, as Robyn McCall tries to help a man wrongly accused of murdering nurse Carol Walton, she is also curious as to why her daughter Delilah has stopped hanging out with her friend, Jasmine.

In the first scene, we see a prison escapee, Dale, running through the woods on a mission to clear his name for a murder he did not commit. Next, cameras shift to him discovering a former cellmate, Tommy, beaten to death inside his apartment.

Here are the best moments from The Equalizer, season 1, episode 3

Mommy-daughter moments

There is a strong sense that Robyn’s relationship with her daughter will be one of the definite highlights of the series. Robyn drops Delilah off at school and morphs into Queen Latifah (sort of), jamming to old school rap (Humpty Hump) while driving and totally embarrassing her child. Does Robyn care? Nope. LOL.

The Equalizer’s snarkiness

While visiting a hospital to look for some background on Carol Walton, Robyn notices a grieving family walled off in a corner. A man in scrubs walks by, speaking loudly on his cell.

Robyn snatches the cell from his ear and points out the need for him to use his inside voice out of respect for the family. The man introduces himself as the head of surgery and Robyn reminds him of how it would be a real shame if he couldn’t use his hands.

More trails than Yosemite

Robyn finds Dale by tracking his burner phone and yanks him up in an alley. Dale suspects the real murderer is a man called Preacher, a reformed convict who specialized in breaking and entering. Robyn locates Preacher by breaking and entering into his home.

Desperate for a real lead instead of dead-end trails, Robyn visits the hospital where Carol Walton was employed. The plot thickens. A coworker of Carol’s informs Robyn that Carol was suspected someone was running a pill mill. The trail finally up in the arrest of a judge and Robyn’s favorite insensitive surgeon, a drug dealer in a lab coat.

The Equalizer and Detective Dante showdown

Knowing his background and needing his help, Robyn gives Detective Dante a call. She gives him the name of a suspect he’s been searching for in exchange for information from the Carol Walton case file.

Dante may not like Robyn’s methods, but you can tell he is impressed and perhaps unbeknownst to him, is now a part of her team. Separated by a fence, the two meet up. What’s that twinkle in their eyes? The cat and mouse chase is now on another level.

All’s well that ends well

Robyn had invited Jasmine and her mom over for popcorn and a movie at her house so that the two women could get to the bottom of their daughters’ fractured friendship. Jasmine’s mom was to bring the popcorn and Robyn would provide the M&M’s (Merlot and me).

Robyn cancels movie night after Delilah explained she and Jasmine drifted apart and are two different people. Jasmine is fake woke. She’s into protests not for the causes but for the attention.

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