Where can you watch the new Tom & Jerry movie?

Tom & Jerry is here to give us all a dose of nostalgia. Will you be watching? Can you watch HBO Max’s new movie, Tom & Jerry, without a subscription? Here’s what we know about where you can watch it!

HBO Max continues to be the go-to streaming service for movies, especially big picture films. The year 2020 was rough for movies (2021 is only slightly better), but HBO Max decided to roll with the punches and release its movies both on its streaming service for one month, while also showing them in select theaters.

So far, this plan has worked well. Don’t get me wrong, there are some movies I believe only deserve the big-screen treatment for their big premiere, such as Black Widow, fingers are still crossed for this one. Wonder Woman 1984 was one I was disappointed to see debut on the small screen, but what can you do!

Tom &  Jerry, though? Now that’s one I’m thankful to be able to stream! With kids in and out of school because of the outbreak, I need all the family movies I  can get! Not to mention, nostalgia is something  I’m looking forward to! But if you don’t have  HBO Max, how can you watch the movie?

Where can you watch the new Tom & Jerry movie?

As we noted above, Tom &  Jerry is now playing (as of Feb. 26) in theaters. These theaters include AMC, Studio Movie Grill, and Cinemark. If you want to take a trip to the movies with the family and enjoy the movie with a big serving of movie theater popcorn, you are welcomed to do so!

However, if you prefer to stay home and have HBO Max, you can do this, too! It may even work in your favor to stay home if you have a large family.

If you don’t have an HBO Max account, now is the perfect time to sign up! There are many movies headed to HBO Max, enjoy them free with your free trial.

Will you be watching Tom & Jerry in theaters or on HBO Max?