Netflix’s Shadow and Bone drops first trailer and a panel with the cast

Fans of the Grishaverse your time has come! Netflix has released the first look at Shadow and Bone along with the first cast panel.

Shadow and Bone is an adaptation of Leigh Bardugo’s books and combines The Grisha Trilogy with the Six of Crows Duology. It will be interesting to see how the show manages to intertwine both of these series together.

Set in the fictional land of Ravka the story follows Alina Starkov who realizes she has the power of the Sun Summoner. Her power will be instrumental in destroying the Shadow Fold, an area of darkness that has torn her country apart.

Fans have been waiting patiently (or not so patiently) and now we have the first trailer and the first appearance of the cast altogether.

Shadow and Bone drops trailer and the cast appears together at IGN Fan Fest

It’s always exciting to see one of your favorite fictional worlds adapted to the screen and Netflix did not disappoint. The first trailer for Shadow and Bone looks incredible and it seems like they spared no expense.

The trailer gives us our first look at the Shadow Fold and the monsters that live within, which is appropriately terrifying. Not only that, we get to see so many characters that we’ve loved on the page come to life. And even if you haven’t read the books I think you can still appreciate how amazing everything looks!

The majority of the trailer focuses on our protagonist Alina naturally, who grows from being a simple map maker into the legendary Sun Summoner with the ability to summon the power of the sun. But we also get to see her best friend Mal who is an incredibly talented tracker, a quick look at her friend Genya, and we see Kaz, Inej, and Jesper although briefly. After all, their main story will take place after the events of The Grisha Trilogy, and per the cast and writers, this is more of a prequel to their story.

Of course, we also get quite a few glimpses of the character who many fans have been waiting for, General Kirigan aka The Darkling. He also provides a voice-over in the trailer and his powers are the opposite of Alina’s, he controls the darkness, and those who have read the books know what a big part he plays in the story. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s played by Ben Barnes. One of the few times the popular fan casting became reality!

The cast also appeared together after the trailer reveal for their first-ever panel with IGN Fan Fast. They discuss their take on their characters, what it was like preparing for the role, whether they imagine themselves in the role when they read the book, diversity in the show and so much more!

I’ll be honest I’m gonna have to watch the panel a few more times to take it all in because I was just so mesmerized by seeing them all together the first time I watched it. I honestly cannot explain how excited I am for all of this. If you missed the panel, or like me you just want to watch it again, you can view it below.

What did you think of the Shadow and Bone trailer? Are you excited? Let us know!

Shadow and Bone will release on Netflix on April 23, 2021.