Is Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 8 coming in 2021?

Ready for Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 8? You’re probably not alone in that.

Seven seasons later and Brooklyn Nine-Nine continues to be an NBC fan-favorite that many didn’t see coming. Even when the hilarious show’s ratings have been notably mixed and the critics have not so flattering things to say about it, the series’ fans and those behind the scenes somehow have kept Brooklyn Nine-Nine afloat. And luckily, it found its way from Fox to NBC after season 5.

The hit series inevitably garnered its fair share of critical acclaim, a few big awards, and while no one may have predicted it in 2013, Brooklyn Nine-Nine ultimately stood the test of syndicated time, mixed reviews aside. This makes the news that it’s coming to an end soon that much more bittersweet for its audience.

Soon enough, the beloved cop-comedy will kick-off its eighth and final season. However, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is definitely not returning as soon as some fans might’ve hoped or initially heard. Here’s what to know about the upcoming and final season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Is Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 8 coming in 2021?

Maybe, but maybe not. It definitely could still drop later in 2021, but there’s currently no release date yet. As with most production schedules in 2020, COVID-19-related delays and restrictions interrupted the initial filming schedule.

As noted by Entertainment Weekly, NBC announced that the popular Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher comedy series will be back for another season, also confirming that season 8 will sadly be the show’s last. As of this moment, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is expected to return for its eighth installment sometime during the 2021-2022 season, so stay tuned for updates on the exact premiere date. These predictions, of course, could always be pushed back. We saw that plenty of times with broadcast shows in the past year.

We will update this article once we have more information.

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