General Hospital spoilers: Gregory demands answers from Finn and Jackie

There was plenty of drama last week on General Hospital. The double wedding that was supposed to happen didn’t. Everyone was expecting something to blow up just as Anna and Finn and Peter and Maxie were about to get hitched and it sure did. Peter’s crimes have finally been outed. However, there is another secret that could change a family forever.

After leaving Anna at the altar, Finn ended up at Jackie’s. They share a past like many in Port Charles do. Unfortunately, they had a fling the night before she married Finn’s father years ago. They have kept that a secret since then, but it looks like they may have some explaining to do on Monday’s episode.

In the General Hospital sneak peek clip, Gregory makes his way to Jackie’s as well, but he is stopped in his tracks when he overhears his soon-to-be ex-wife and his eldest son talking. They reveal something about what happened the night before the wedding.

Now Gregory wants to know more about that. Will they both confess their secret that they slept together years ago?

General Hospital spoilers reveal trouble ahead for the Chase family

Monday’s show may just be the start of a family being torn apart by the past. According to additional spoilers for the week of March 8, Jackie will have to answer some tough questions. It’s not going to be easy, especially for Finn, when it all comes out.

What about Chase, Finn’s brother—or maybe son—as the case may be? General Hospital spoilers tease that he will run upon something this week that may be a game-changer. That seems to suggest that Chase could possibly run upon his parents having the conversation about Jackie and Finn. Or does he somehow see that secret paternity test that has yet to be revealed?

That test was ordered secretly by Finn to find out if Chase is really his brother or son. That would certainly be the thing that would blow everything up for the family.

Do you think Gregory and Chase will get an earful this week? Let us know!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.