Is the Friends reunion special coming in 2021?

Keep those fingers crossed, Friends fans! If the latest reveals and reports are true, it looks like the ever so long wait for this long-time-coming Friends reunion special could be a thing of the past very soon. The highly-anticipated event is now said to be happening sooner rather than later. As we’re being told, we’re getting what we’ve been waiting for sometime this year.

Here’s what to likely expect.

When is the Friends reunion coming out?

As of this moment, the Friends reunion special is definitely happening in 2021! Or at least, it’s supposed to. Of course, stay tuned for further confirmation on that. After a number of COVID-19 related delays, those behind the scenes are now saying the time has finally come and the right safety measures are in place. Still, it’s hard to know for sure until filming is actually underway. With that said, the special should be coming to HBO Max this year, according to some cast members’ latest claims.

Per People, David Schwimmer confirmed the Friends reunion special would be filming very soon during a recent interview. The actor who played Ross revealed “it’s happening” next month, to be exact. As we’ve previously reported, the 54-year-old actor isn’t the only beloved cast member to share that this long-awaited event should be happening sometime this year.

Matthew Perry previously confirmed via Twitter that filming was scheduled for March 2021. On top of that, Lisa Kudrow also hinted that 2021 was still a possibility if all continued to go as planned.

Schwimmer recently revealing that taping is now scheduled to begin in “a little over a month” from now might be giving us the most hope. According to the star, timing is officially right for the Friends reunion special, so it sounds like we’re right on schedule for a 2021 debut.