When is Superman and Lois going on its hiatus?

The CW looks to have a definite hit on their hands with Superman and Lois. Not so shockingly, the eye-catching action series was recently renewed for a second season. And after its record-breaking debut, how could it not be?

Per Deadline, the series premiere saw 3.25 million viewers tuning in, earning Superman and Lois the honor of becoming the most-streamed premiere in The CW’s history. Hats off to the cast, crew, and viewers like you for that. But sadly, we will soon be waiting for this show to go on after it first goes on a necessary break.

Here’s what to know about the slightly shifted release schedule for Superman and Lois.

Is Superman and Lois going on hiatus?

Like most shows these days, the CW series’ popularity could not prevent or predict COVID-19 related delays and interruptions, including this unfortunate break. So yes, Superman and Lois is going on a brief hiatus during its first run.

According to TV Line, March 23, 2021 will mark the last episode before the series comes to a pause for a minute. After episode 5 drops, fans will be waiting on the rest of its buzzed-about debut season until Superman and Lois inevitably returns in a couple of months. As the publication notes, Supergirls final season will fill the show’s regular time slot while the new series remains on its understandable and unfortunate COVID-19 related hiatus.

Luckily, fans won’t be waiting too long for the follow-up episodes. Per TV Line, Superman and Lois is set to return with the rest of its incredibly successful first season on Tuesday, May 18, 2021.