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Reynolds will need to do everything he can to save Kapoor on New Amsterdam Season 3, Episode 2. Don’t miss the all-new episode tonight on NBC.

Dr. Kapoor is in a terrible way. He’s off the vent, but his heart has been severely damaged. There’s a lot of pressure on Reynolds to fix Kapoor’s heart. And he is going to feel that pressure.

Things aren’t looking good. There’s little Reynolds can do, and Kapoor may not even survive the surgery that he’ll need. We have faith in Reynolds, but it will require Kapoor wanting to fight his way to survival. Is his wish to see his grandchild enough to prevent him from crossing over to be with his wife?

Bloom worries about Iggy on New Amsterdam Season 3, Episode 2

While all that goes on, Bloom makes a startling realization about Iggy. During the last season, we found out that he has a problem with binge-eating. He knows it’s wrong and that he needs to talk about it, but despite all this work he does to support mental health, he can’t support himself.

The writers promised more time on Iggy’s binge-eating, and that’s coming up in this episode. Bloom is probably one of the best for Iggy to talk to considering her battle with addiction. However, is Iggy willing to talk and get help?

Elsewhere, Max gets himself in some trouble. One of his own policies has had some devastating consequences, and he wants to fix things. Of course, Max being Max ends up in more trouble before he can find the right solution. Maybe he needs to talk things through with people before enacting policies.

Check out the promo and synopsis for New Amsterdam Season 3, Episode 2:

Max is forced to face the heartbreaking consequences of one of his policies. Bloom comes to a startling realization about Iggy.

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Date: Tuesday, March 9
Start Time: 10/9c
Episode: Season 3, Episode 2, “Essential Workers”
TV Channel: NBC
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