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Nic returns to work and has to confront her attacker on The Resident Season 4, Episode 8. Meanwhile, there’s a new and questionable intern.

Let’s start with the intern Leela (guest star Anuja Joshi). It’s her first day on the job. There are times that she struggles and times that she is outstanding in the field. Messing up on the first day isn’t unusual, although it is frustrating, but there’s something about the first day that has Devon and Conrad both questioning this intern.

They feel like something’s wrong. To be honest, when it comes to both of them thinking there’s something fishy going on, there usually is.

What is it? Identical twin? Cheated on something? Taking the credit or the blame for something she didn’t do? We’ll have to wait to find out.

Nic returns to work on The Resident Season 4, Episode 8

While that happens, Nic has her first day back at work since the attack. While her pregnancy is on the high risk side, it’s not too high risk that she is on bed rest for the whole time. However, it’s not going to be an easy first day back.

Her attacker is admitted to the hospital. She’ll need to face him and the trauma she experienced while offering him the care that she knows he should receive.

Meanwhile, Cain is struggling with everything that’s happened to him. He’s conscious about the state that he’s in, and that means he’s going on the attack. We should have known that he wouldn’t have learned anything from his experience about humility.

He’s setting his sights for Mina. Hopefully, AJ and the rest of Chastain will have her back.

Check out the promo and synopsis for The Resident Season 4, Episode 8:

On Nic’s first day back at Chastain, the man who attacked her is admitted to the ER, causing her to confront her trauma head-on. Cain, now in recovery, is self-conscious of his physical state and sets his eye on taking down Mina. Meanwhile, new intern Leela (guest star Anuja Joshi), both struggles and shines throughout her first day, causing Devon and Conrad to wonder if something bigger is going on.

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Date: Tuesday, March 9
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Episode: Season 4, Episode 8, “First Days, Last Days”
TV Channel: Fox
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