Marriage or Mortgage: Participants top choice is shocking

Netflix’s new reality series features couples who have a large amount of savings, but aren’t sure what to do with it. Marriage or Mortgage helps the couples decide whether to put their money into planning their dream wedding or buy a home, and the top decision is shocking many.

It seems like a no-brainer — invest in real estate or throw your hard-earned money away on a one-night event? Imagine the surprise of audiences who tuned in to watch Marriage or Mortgage on Netflix when they learned that that the majority prefer a big wedding.

I assumed most people would go for a home, and those who picked a wedding had a valid reason. Well, turns out, not so much. One couple was even living with their parents, yet they chose a wedding instead of a home of their own to grow as a family. Add to this what’s going on with COVID and it’s needless to say that this show is turning many audiences off.

Marriage or Mortgage is sad to watch

Time published a great piece about how telling this show is about the “dark reality” of Americans’ finances. Instead of making a smart investment, and at such a young age, too, six out of the 10 couples chose to spend their budget on a lavish, dream wedding.

Imagine throwing a luxurious party only to go back to your parent’s house at the end of the night with your husband (or wife). Or apartment hunting and throwing your money each month on rent. All because this dream wedding couldn’t wait any longer and American’s feel the need to be over the top and showy.

To make matters worse, all of these weddings didn’t go according to plan. Because of the pandemic, they all needed to downsize and get smaller venues to accommodate the new shorter list of guests — so was it truly a dream wedding with not all your family and friends in attendance? Not to mention, masks?

If you only had the budget for either a home or a wedding, what would you do?

All 10 episodes off Marriage or Mortgage are streaming now on Netflix.