Servant season 2, episode 9: Who’s the mysterious woman under the veil?

The penultimate episode of Servant season 2 set up a sure-to-be intense finale with many questions yet to be answered and even more mysteries than before — who is the woman under the veil standing on the Turners’ doorstep?

Spoilers ahead if you have not watched Servant season 2, episode 9 on Apple TV Plus. 

Dorothy and Sean prepared a Christmas feast! We weren’t expecting anything less from the Turners. Dorothy believes her son is returning so everything she did she handled with care and a touch of perfection.

And when are Sean’s kitchen masterpieces not delectable (at least, they appear to be from the screen)? The game of charades was so fun to watch, too!

However, I was surprised to learn that Sean truly believes Jericho is coming back. I’m no longer shocked by anything Dorothy does, she’s too far gone, in my opinion, but Sean? Julian was right when he said he is now the only sane member of the family, and if you know Julian, that’s saying something!

Needless to say, we have many questions after watching Servant season 2, episode 9, “Goose,” and we’re beginning to think the grand finale may not be able to answer them all.

Servant season 2, episode 9 questions

What will happen to Julian? 

The ambulance arrived to help Julian out. While season 2, episode 8, “Loveshack,” gave us one of the most awkward and cringy sex scenes of all-time featuring Julian and Leanne, we still love Julian.

Rupert Grint portrays Julian beautifully! We feel his pain, his joy, and how much he truly cares not only for his sister, but nephew and brother-in-law, as well.

Will this trip to the hospital make Julian realize that he needs to let Natalie help him heal? He can’t do it alone, and Natalie has always been by his side, Julian just needs to accept help.

Who did Julian see? 

When Julian awoke, he said he saw “him” and that “he seemed fine.” Who do you think he’s referring to? My guess? Jericho, of course! In the minute (or was it seconds?) that Julian was dead, did he see baby Jericho?

Who is the woman under the veil? 

In the last few minutes of the episode, there’s a knock at the door. Whenever someone knocks on the Turners’ door, there’s always chills up my spine! You just never know what to expect! And it’s never good news!

A woman appears in front of Sean, you can’t see her clearly because her face is hiding under a black veil, we can only see that she is blonde. All this woman says is, “I understand you’re looking for Jericho?”

The season 2 finale is titled “Josephine,” so we assume this woman is Aunt Josephine. What does she want?

Who is Leanne? Where is Jericho? Will Dorothy learn the truth? 

We have been having the above three questions since season 1, will the season 2 finale finally bring us answers?

Sure, we may know more details about Leanne, but we still don’t know exactly who she is or why she has these abilities. Did she bring back Jericho to life permanently or was it all just an illusion? Will Dorothy remain in denial?

Servant season 2, episode 10, “Aunt Josephine,” premieres on March 19 only on Apple TV Plus.