The Birch Season 2: Chatting with stars Xaria Dotson and Jordyn DiNatale

Xaria Dotson in The Birch Season 2 - Courtesy of Crypt TV
Xaria Dotson in The Birch Season 2 - Courtesy of Crypt TV /
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The Birch Season 2
The Birch Season 2 – Courtesy of Crypt TV /

The Birch Season 2 stars Jordyn DiNatale and Xaria Dotson discuss their work on the sophomore season and more!

Facebook Watch and Crypt TV’s horror series The Birch today, March 26, with brand new episodes. Ahead of the premiere, we chatted with returning star Xaria Dotson and newcomer Jordyn DiNatale about their work on The Birch Season 2.

The series will drop episodes weekly on Fridays at 3 p.m. PT / 6 p.m. ET with the finale scheduled for May 28, 2021. All episodes will be available globally on Facebook Watch on The Birch and Crypt Monsters pages.

Hidden Remote: Xaria, you’re returning as Evie, what’s it like for you returning for The Birch Season 2 and having your character be seeking redemption this time around?

Xaria Dotson: It was amazing to be able to come back. First season we left on a cliffhanger and I wasn’t sure if Evie was going to come back or if they were going leave it open-ended or bring in a whole new cast of characters. We sort of got a mix of the two, which was super great.

Evie’s definitely got a lot more going on this season. She’s got a lot of baggage from the first season that she’s taking with her, so it’s interesting to see how all of those variables are interweaving this time around. She’s trying to atone for what she did in Season 1. She really blames herself and is taking it all on by herself, so it’s going to be interesting for audiences to see how that plays out this season

Hidden Remote: Definitely, I don’t know that I would say she’s a hero this season –– I mean kind of, but it is a horror show so you don’t always know what any character’s motives truly are!

Xaria Dotson: She may not view herself as a hero. She’s sort of just viewing it as, “I need to get this done. I need to stop other people from making the same mistakes I did, I just want to fix it.” She’s taking it all as a burden. She definitely doesn’t see herself as the hero in this story, I guess it would depend on what audiences see!