Ramy season 3 is not coming to Hulu in April 2021

We’re coming up on the series premiere anniversary of the critically-acclaimed comedy-drama, Ramy. The show, created by Ramy Youssef, debuted on Hulu on April 19, 2019. But while it would be perfect timing for Ramy season 3 to land on the streamer in the series’ inaugural month, it’s unfortunately not going to happen.

Fans will have to wait some more for the return of the show, leaving the question of “What’s next for Ramy?” still hanging in the air.

However, Youssef did tease some of what to expect concerning his character, telling Entertainment Weekly, “Ramy will really be dealing with who he is in a much clearer way than we’ve ever seen, and having to understand what his actual connection to his faith is.”

Yes, that does include sorting through his complicated feelings on Amani, dealing with his wife Zainab (MaameYaa Boafo) leaving him along with her father the sheikh Malik (Mahershala Ali), and learning not to use his faith as a crutch.

Ramy season 3 release date

There’s a lot set to be going on with Ramy as he continues to work on himself and his egocentric tendencies. Youssef has every intention of keeping the parts of the character that mean well but wants to grow him into a man who realizes that’s not enough.

When will fans be able to take that journey with Ramy? It’s hard to say. While the writing room for Ramy season 3 started back in July 2020, there’s no word yet on whether the show has been filming.

Youssef did mention to Deadline that he and the crew would be taking their time, making sure everybody is safe before getting cameras rolling on the third season. So, we’re in for a wait for more information. Though at this point, as we move further into the year, a 2022 release is looking more and more likely.

We’ll keep you posted as more news on Ramy season 3 comes in. Seasons 1 – 2 of the series are available to stream now on Hulu.