3 most shocking moments from Supergirl Season 6, Episode 2

Supergirl is back on the CW for its final season and it left off with Kara in quite the predicament. At the end of the Season 6 premiere, Kara got sent to the Phantom Zone thanks to Lex, with no way back.

Kara is no stranger to the Phantom Zone. She ended up there after she escaped the destruction of her planet and was trapped there in her pod for a long while. By the time she landed on Earth her cousin, whom she was sent to protect, had already grown up and become Superman (as the old intro used to remind us).

Now with Kara trapped once again in the Phantom Zone, without her pod and seemingly with no way home, it leaves her in a very dire situation. So let’s break down Kara’s situation and the other big moments from the episode.

Supergirl gets a surprise family reunion

When Kara wakes up in the Phantom Zone she is almost immediately attacked by phantoms. She was protected by her pod when she landed there as a child but she no longer has that protection and even Supergirl is vulnerable in the Phantom Zone.

Thankfully a man comes to her aid and his arrival comes with a stunning revelation. Because the man is none other than Zor-El, Kara’s father whom she assumed to be dead. Many people had speculated that this is who Jason Behr would be playing after his casting announcement via Deadline but now it’s confirmed!

Unfortunately, Zor-El seems to have lost hope after all the years he’s been stuck in the Phantom Zone, but if there’s anyone who can bring hope back to him it’s Supergirl. Hope is practically her middle name. It will be interesting to see where this father-daughter relationship goes but either way it’s nice to see the show pay tribute to Kara’s Kryptonian heritage.

Given Melissa Benoist telling Entertainment Weekly that she wasn’t able to be there for Chyler Leigh’s directorial debut and that she didn’t expect to be in the Phantom Zone for as long as she was or for as many episodes, it’s safe to say that Kara won’t be getting out just yet. At least this means she’ll have plenty of time to bond with her father in the upcoming episodes.

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Lena testifies at Lex’s trial

The Superfriends had defeated Lex in the previous episode, but it’s hard to keep Lex down. He’s somehow always two steps ahead and he always has a plan.

Lex may be on trial for the crimes he’s committed, but he is not about to just give up. After he manages to discredit Eve on the stand, it’s up to Lena to step in and try to stop her brother from going free. Despite the fact that this means admitting her own part in Lex’s crimes.

Lena took the stand, against her mother’s insistence that it would be bad for the family name, and it reminded me of why I came to love Lena so much. She’s not only brilliant but she’s the one Luthor who just wants to do what’s right despite her upbringing. That makes her a very dynamic character to watch.

Lena manages to get under Lex’s skin and push him to take credit for everything that happened. Lex isn’t the only Luthor who knows how to manipulate. Unfortunately it isn’t enough, because somehow the jury still finds Lex not-guilty and he goes free.

This is pretty reminiscent of the real world where too often rich powerful men are able to face no consequences for their actions. But it is far from over as both Lena and Andrea are prepared to take down Lex, as are William and Nia. And I personally can’t wait for that to happen, no matter how much I love Jon Cryer as Lex.

Alex reaches a breaking point

Kara and Alex’s relationship has been the heart of Supergirl since the very first episode. Their sisterly bond has never wavered or broken and I know I speak for myself when I say it’s one of the best parts of the show.

With Kara in the Phantom Zone, Alex is doing everything she can to get her sister back. Even enlisting the help of Silas, the only alien who has been known to break into the Phantom Zone. But not only are they not able to get Kara out due to the Phantom Zone being fractured in Crisis, a phantom escapes from the Phantom Zone into their world.

So for the first time, Alex is faced with the thought of never seeing her sister again. Of facing the thought that she may be gone forever. And it’s too much for her to bear so she breaks down.

I can’t help but wonder if Alex learning to cope with the thought of being in a world without Kara is setting up for the popular fan theory that Supergirl will end with Kara leaving to go live in the 31st Century with the Legion.

Thankfully Kelly is there to help Alex through all of this, but losing Kara is not something Alex will just be able to get over or accept. Also, it seems that Kelly now knows Kara is Supergirl and all I can think is whether I missed a scene of Alex telling her? Because that seems like kind of an important moment.

Were you surprised to see Zor-El? What did you think of the episode? Let us know!

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