Riverdale: Why the TV series has failed Barchie fans

Riverdale‘s greatest romance problem has always been Archie’s love life. In the comics, Archie alternated between two girlfriends. A dating plan that I imagine the creators didn’t view as realistic for a teen drama that wanted to be rooted in some type of reality.

Riverdale solved the love triangle issue hastily by making Veronica Archie’s main squeeze from almost the very start. Barchie was never in the running. They acknowledged that Betty had feelings for Archie but chose to have Archie turn her down because he only saw her as a friend.

Remarkably, at the very end of their senior year, all that changed. Archie began to have feelings for Betty and even told Veronica, leading to their breakup. For the sake of mixing things up, the sudden change of heart makes sense.

But for Barchie fans, this was more than just a change in scenery; it was the moment that we had all been waiting for. The time jump that followed made the situation ripe for new beginnings, which meant that we could finally get a glimpse of what a Betty and Archie relationship would look like.

Is Barchie endgame?

However, the Riverdale writers had different plans, and all of them included making Barchie fans suffer. When Archie and Betty finally connect, the results are passionate and explosive, resulting in some hot and heavy scenes.

It is an expected outcome considering that Archie appeared to be seeing what Betty meant to him at the end of the senior year. He wrote a song about her and seemed to be falling in love with her. After all the time apart, it would only make sense that all of their pent-up feelings would bubble over into the intense physical displays that ended up happening between the two.

What came next didn’t make sense from a writing standpoint. Archie rekindles his relationship with Veronica and diminishes everything that he had with Betty to a fling. And to make things stick, Betty reduces Archie to comfort in the night during her worst hours.

Instead of exploring a Barchie relationship in any real way, the show simply made them not made for each other without ever delving into the why. Choosing to believe that hookups would suffice to explain the logic behind the creator’s decision and forgetting that Archie had to end his relationship with Veronica because of feelings for Betty and not his loins.

Barchie Riverdale

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Barchie deserved a more nuanced relationship

What made the situation even more unbelievable is that Veronica’s only connection to Archie during all of this is funding his projects, as usual. In truth, Veronica has more of a relationship with her husband than she ever had with Archie.

But I digress, Varchie is clearly endgame for the Riverdale writers, and I’d wager that Bughead is too. But Riverdale should have atleast given Barchie fans a taste of the promised land that is more than just steamy-loving behind closed doors.

Even Josie’s brief relationship with Archie was more meaningful than anything he has ever had with Betty, someone who lived next door since he was a kid. But I think that the obvious problem here is that the creators might be afraid to really go for a Betty and Archie relationship because it might just reveal Archie’s best match.

All I will say is that there is still time to try again. If Veronica was able to hook up with Archie while she’s still married, anything is possible.

Riverdale will return to The CW on July 7, 2021.