Dynasty Season 5 release date updates: Will there be a Season 5? When is Season 5 coming out?

Although we are barely into the thick of Dynasty Season 4, which premieres on The CW on Friday, May 7, fans are already eager to learn details about Dynasty Season 5. Obviously, we can’t get enough of the Carringtons, and with all of this delectable drama, who can blame us?

It’s no secret that Dynasty Season 4 will take us into new territory for the drama series reboot. The long-awaited Falliam wedding will kick things off and continue this cautionary tale of excess and wealth when mixed with business and family. All’s not fair in love and war here.

Without knowing what twists and turns Season 4 will bring, it’s almost impossible to estimate what could be in store for Dynasty Season 5. But we can estimate just when we could be digging into another delicious season of the best underrated drama series on TV.

Here’s what we know so far about the upcoming Dynasty Season 5 on The CW, including the possible release date, episode count, and filming schedule.

How many seasons of Dynasty are there?

Currently, there are three seasons of Dynasty in the can and available to stream on Netflix. As previously mentioned, the fourth season will air Fridays on The CW beginning May 7 and run through the rest of 2021. Look out for Season 4 to hit Netflix by the end of the year, though unforeseen delays could occur.

Is there going to be a Season 5 of Dynasty?

Thankfully, fans don’t have to worry going into the fourth season as The CW has already renewed Dynasty for a fifth season. It’s a strong show of faith in the drama series, which will now be on our screens for at least one more season, though we’re hopeful for more.

How many episodes of Dynasty Season 5 are there?

If history should repeat itself, the fifth season of Dynasty will contain 22 episodes. Of course, Season 3 ended up two episodes short due to the pandemic, but Elizabeth Gillies revealed on The Zach Sang Show that Season 4 will revert back to the typical full-season order of 22 episodes.

When is Dynasty Season 5 filming?

Dynasty Season 5 hasn’t started filming and more than likely won’t for quite some time. The cast and crew are still hard at work on Season 4 as of May 2021, when the season’s set to start airing.

It’s unclear whether the seasons will shoot back-to-back given the untraditional release schedule due to the pandemic. But we should anticipate a short summer-esque hiatus for Dynasty once Season 4 wraps to allow for writing and pre-production on Season 5.

Dynasty Season 5 release date

There’s currently no official announcement or estimate on when Season 5 will start airing on screens. Dynasty has been featured on The CW’s fall schedule since its first season, but the pandemic forced the series to sit the bench well into spring, significantly pushing back its production and release cycles.

Because Dynasty got such a late start this time around, we’re looking at Season 4 wrapping its run on The CW sometime in late fall or early winter. We shouldn’t expect to see Season 5 hitting our screens much before mid-2022.

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