Is Van Helsing renewed for Season 6?

Van Helsing Season 5 is currently on air, but there’s no doubt that you want more. Will Season 6 happen at SYFY?

There have been many TV shows and movies that focus on Van Helsing. Usually, they are set in the past and focused on Abraham Van Helsing and his fight against Dracula. The SYFY series is a reimagining of the Dracula story set in the present day.

The series follows Vanessa, a descendent of the famed vampire hunter. After five years in a coma, she wakes up to find out that the world is now controlled by vampires. That and the fact that her blood cures vampires doesn’t bother her. All she wants to do is find her daughter.

However, she is the last remaining hope for the world. And there are far more secrets to come.

Has Van Helsing been renewed?

Van Helsing has had a good five-season run. When Season 5 was confirmed, SYFY announced that it would be the last. The final episodes have been written as a series finale, hopefully, wrapping up all the storylines.

Is there going to be a Season 6 of Van Helsing?

There isn’t going to be a sixth season. Of course, many fans would love to see more and that’s put a call out to streaming networks to save the show. However, it’s possible that the show has found a way to end the story in a way that wraps up everything.

When does the new season of Van Helsing start?

Without a renewal, there isn’t going to be a start. Season 6 isn’t going to happen as of yet, so there’s no need to look at when the season will start. We’ll revisit this if Netflix or another streaming platform does save the show, but it’s looking unlikely.

Van Helsing Seasons 1 to 4 are on Netflix. Season 5 airs Fridays on SYFY.