Watch Dynasty Season 4, Episode 1 live online

At long last, Dynasty Season 4 has finally arrived to answer our lingering questions from those shocking loose threads in the Season 3 finale.

When we last left the Carrington family and co. one whole year ago, Fallon and Liam were preparing to walk down the aisle in the long-awaited official Falliam wedding. However, Fallon’s raucous bachelorette party led to a drunken surprise marriage for Sammy Jo (oops!) and stark revelations for Cristal regarding her own rocky relationship with Blake.

Elsewhere, Alexis made a potentially genuine play for Jeff while Adam’s dark history of violence came to light when Anders learned he’s dating Kirby. But the biggest plot twist to be explored in Dynasty Season 4 will surely be Blake’s continued turmoil with the Moldavians, as further instigated by an explosion orchestrated by Adam to sabotage Carrington Atlantic.

In the first episode of the new season, all systems appear to be a-go for the Falliam wedding, though Fallon questions herself thanks to advice from Alexis. Meanwhile, Dominique aligns with someone unexpected, Sam turns to Culhane for guidance, Blake works to reconcile with Cristal, and Adam comes clean to Kirby. It’s all adding up to a wild season premiere.

How to watch Dynasty Season 4, Episode 1 live online

What advice does Fallon receive from her mother, and why does she start to second guess herself? Does she have doubts about marrying Liam, or is Alexis’s advice about the wedding planning itself? Has Fallon already written the song she’ll sing for Liam?

Who does Dominique turn to for help? What does Sam decide to do about his surprise marriage to Scorpio (Ryan)? Will he go through with the annulment? Can Blake fix both his marriage and the mess he’s in with the Moldavians? And exactly what does Adam confess to Kirby?

Don’t miss Friday’s all-new episode of Dynasty Season 4 to learn the answers to these questions and more. For a sneak peek at the episode, check out the trailer for Episode 1 in the video below!

Wondering what we can expect from the Dynasty Season 4 premiere episode? Here’s a look at the official synopsis of “That Unfortunate Dinner” via The CW:

Fallon and Liam plan their wedding, with some unsolicited input from Alexis, which leaves Fallon questioning if Alexis could be right. Dominique runs into hiccups with her new fashion line and turns to unexpected sources for help. Blake is determined to work on his relationship with Cristal. Culhane advises Sam on his current state of affairs. Anders does some digging and is shocked by what he finds. Adam’s confession to Kirby is met with surprising results.

How can you watch Dynasty Season 4 online? For those still itching to get their fix of the first three seasons of the show, all of the past episodes are currently streaming on Netflix. But there are plenty more ways to keep up with the Carringtons. Here’s how to live stream the latest season of the addictive series online and make sure you don’t miss a single soapy second of the fourth season.

Date: Friday, May 7
Start Time: 9 p.m. ET
Episode: Season 4, Episode 1, “That Unfortunate Dinner”
Channel: The CW
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