Breeders season 2, episode 9 preview: Paul and Luke’s ‘shocking moment’

(l-r): Alex Eastwood as Luke, Martin Freeman as Paul. CR: FX
(l-r): Alex Eastwood as Luke, Martin Freeman as Paul. CR: FX /

All of Breeders season 2 has been leading up to Monday’s episode of the FX comedy.

Fans will see the first part of a two-parter, called “No Power Part 1,” in which a power outage may spoil a key Worsley family gathering. However, it also sparks a confrontation between Paul (Martin Freeman) and his teenage son Luke (Alex Eastwood).

Breeders showrunner Simon Blackwell tells Hidden Remote exclusively that the moment with Luke and Paul isn’t only the biggest part of the episode, but the moment that the creative team built all of Breeders season 2 around.

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“The closing minutes of Episode 209 of Breeders contains a pivotal piece of action that the entire second season was built around,” explained Blackwell, who’s also credited as a co-creator on the series.

“We’d planned for a while that we would age the kids up in Season 2, so Luke and Ava [played by Eve Prenelle] would be six years older than they were in Season 1. And the one definite thing I knew I wanted to happen was for 13-year-old Luke to reach a very particular dramatic point with his dad, a shocking moment that redefines their entire relationship in a second.

“The whole of the series arc then grew out of that moment,” Blackwell added. “Where it would happen within the season, the emotional build up to it, and its unsteady resolution. Writing like that—from the micro out to the macro, building from a detail rather than starting with broad brushstrokes and then drilling down—is a gamble, but it’s very satisfying if it pays off. I hope it does here.”

Get a first look at tomorrow’s episode with the image below, then make sure you tune in Monday for “No Power Part 1” and stay until the very end for the climactic scene!

How do you think Luke and Paul’s relationship will change by the conclusion of season 2? Will they even have a relationship after this week? We’ll find out.

(l-r): Alex Eastwood as Luke, Martin Freeman as Paul. CR: FX /

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Breeders airs Mondays at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on FX.