Where can you watch the movie Spiral: From the Book of Saw? Is it on Netflix or HBO?

Critics may not be praising the movie Spiral: From the Book of Sawbut audiences sure have been enjoying it! Where can you watch it?

Many horror fans are getting nostalgic over seeing an installment from the Saw franchise in theaters! Who else went to the midnight screening of these movies and never failed be feel absolutely shocked by the events? Good times!

Now, the ninth movie from the franchise, Spiral: From the Book of Saw, is in theaters. Because of the pandemic and how much things have changed, where can you watch the movie from home? Is it available on a streaming service?

Critics aren’t sure how to feel about Spiral, the movie has only a 44% rotten score from critics at Rotten Tomatoes. But let’s be honest, critics have never been too fond of horror movies, and this movie franchise has never been a favorite!

In fact, the movies received very poor scores. Some things never changed. Audiences, however, are enjoying it, for the most part, with a 74% fresh rating. If you watched it, would you recommend it? If not, here’s where you can watch it.

Can you watch Spiral: From the Book of Saw at home?

Unfortunately, the horror movie is only playing in theaters. You’ll need to find a movie theater near you to watch it. Luckily, most movie theaters are open now and have plenty of showtimes available.

Will it arrive on a streaming service? Yes, it definitely will, but not yet. At the moment, the movie is only available in theaters, we’ll let you know as soon as it goes to On-Demand and streaming.

It won’t go to HBO Max, though, as this movie is a Lionsgate film and not Warner Bros., it also won’t go to Netflix. Our best bet is likely On-Demand or Hulu, possibly FX. We’ll let you know!

Spiral: From the Book of Saw is now playing in theaters.