Watch Catfish season 8, episode 36: Who is Stephanie?

Will Nev and Kamie be able to cut through Stephanie’s web of lies? Below we share how to watch Catfish season 8, episode 36, “Bryn and Stephanie,”  as well as share the big Catfish reveal.

Last week’s episode of Catfish was very interesting! It featured a repeat Catfish that, for once, wasn’t in on the lies. Instead, it turned out to be a completely different person. And, in the end, all three ended up meeting to collaborate on upcoming music.

Like I said, interesting indeed! You can learn more about it HERE.

Whether you have cable or not, here’s how to watch tonight’s all-new episode, as well as what it’ll be about. Let’s begin with the synopsis.

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Tonight’s episode is titled “Bryn and Stephanie,” and it’ll follow Bryn seeking Nev and Kamie’s help tracking down Stephanie, someone who Bryn believes to be “the one.” The synopsis teases that a call will threaten their relationship as Nev and Kamie begin to dig into Stephanie’s story.

Here’s a teaser:

No video chats and too busy to meet? You know the drill! Nev and Kamie are on the case!

How to watch Catfish season 8, episode 36

Date: Tuesday, May 25, 2021
Start Time: 8 p.m. ET
Episode: Season 8, Episode 36 “Bryn and Stephanie”
Network: MTV
Where to watch: Watch on Hulu | Watch live on MTV or stream it later at MTV online | Sling | More

Who is Bryn talking to?

We’ll find out shortly! But, in the meantime, what does your gut tell you? Do you believe Stephanie is who she says she is, someone Bryn already knows, or a complete stranger?

Will you be watching tonight’s episode live or catch it later online? In order to not have the episode spoiled, I’d watch it live!