Survivor season 41 release date updates: Will there be a season 41? When is season 41 coming out?

Survivor is amongst one of the longest-running competition series to date and with so many amazing action-packed episodes, it’s clear to see why fans cherish this CBS show dearly.

The previous season, Winners at War, was yet another great installment with a winner that no one saw coming. These unexpected twists and ruthless gameplay are what make this series so great and fans of the show would definitely agree.

So, can fans expect another season or will the fire that represents life be put out forever?

How many seasons of Survivor are there?

There are currently a whopping 40 seasons of Survivor, and it doesn’t seem like the number of installments will be slowing down any time soon. Lucky us!

You can watch every season of the survival competition series with a subscription to CBS All Access, or you can buy each season on Amazon Prime Video. If you’re a Hulu subscriber, you can watch the first 34 seasons.

Is there going to be a season 41 of Survivor?

Not only will there be a season 41 of Survivor, but it was also announced that there will also be a 42nd installment of the series. The exciting news was shared this month.

The themes for the upcoming seasons have yet to be announced, but as soon as we know, we’ll be sure to fill you in.

How many episodes of Survivor season 41 are there?

The number of episodes for the newest season hasn’t been released yet, but based on previous seasons, we may be able to expect around 13 to 15 episodes this time once again.

When is Survivor season 41 filming?

Longtime host Jeff Probst announced on his Instagram that filming for the 41st season would begin very soon, and we’re super excited. See the Instagram video down below:

Probst did not reveal when production would start, but it’s safe to assume that filming will begin in the summer. Of course, given the global pandemic, things could change, so be sure to take this information lightly.

Survivor season 41 release date

An official release date has yet to be announced for Survivor season 41, however, we did get word from the television network that the newest season will air sometime in fall 2021. Check out this tweet from CBS’ official Twitter:

We’re definitely counting down the days until we can see Jeff Probst once again on our screens and we know you are too!

As soon as we know more about the upcoming season of Survivor, including an official release date, trailer, and cast list, we’ll be sure to let you know.

In the meantime, feel free to catch up with every season of the competition show with a subscription to CBS All Access, or watch the first 34 seasons on Hulu. It’s never a bad time going back and rewatching old seasons!