Gossip Girl release date, cast, trailer, synopsis, and more

Gossip Girl -- Courtesy of HBO Max
Gossip Girl -- Courtesy of HBO Max /

The Gossip Girl revival is on its way. HBO Max has offered a premiere date and teaser for the series. Are you ready for the gossip to start again?

The website is back, and nobody in New York’s elite is safe from her spying eyes. Oh yes, it’s time for the Gossip Girl revival.

This is a revival rather than a reboot. It’s set in the same world as the original series, looking at a new group of the Upper East Side elite. It’s a new generation that has more access than ever to social media and trouble. We should hear a few mentions of Serena, Blair, Dan, and the many others.

In fact, one of the characters is going to be important: Dan. It turned out he was the one behind the Gossip Girl website back in the day. Will there be a suggestion that he’s back and causing trouble? Or will there be someone somehow connected to Dan and Jenny who becomes the first suspect?

HBO Max has revealed the release date, a teaser trailer, and character posters. It’s time to look inside what to expect from the Gossip Girl revival.

Gossip Girl revival release date

There isn’t much longer to wait. HBO Max has announced July 8 as the release date for the Gossip Girl series.

It’s not 100% clear just how the release is going to work. HBO Max has offered a variety of hybrid models, sometimes releasing one episode per week and other times releasing a few episodes together over the course of a few weeks.

Gossip Girl revival cast

According to the WarnerMedia press release, the following will star in the series:

  • Jordan Alexander
  • Eli Brown
  • Thomas Doherty
  • Tavi Gevinson
  • Emily Alyn Lind
  • Evan Mock
  • Zion Moreno
  • Whitney Peak
  • Savannah Lee Smith

We even have character posters for all the main characters!

Gossip Girl — Courtesy of HBO Max

Gossip Girl — Courtesy of HBO Max

Gossip Girl — Courtesy of HBO Max

Gossip Girl — Courtesy of HBO Max

Gossip Girl — Courtesy of HBO Max

Gossip Girl — Courtesy of HBO Max

Gossip Girl — Courtesy of HBO Max

Gossip Girl — Courtesy of HBO Max

Something that is exciting is that Kristen Bell returns as the narrator of the series. Of course, it turned out she wasn’t a character on the series, but she is the voice of the website. Since this series is a revival set nine years after the original website went dark, it’s exciting to see Bell back.

Will any of the original cast be in the revival? That’s still to be confirmed.

Gossip Girl trailer

There is a teaser trailer of the series just yet. It sets the tone for the series for those who didn’t watch the original. However, there’s clearly more to come in an official trailer.

Gossip Girl synopsis

The series follows a new generation of private school teens in New York. They make up the new Upper East Side elite, and they are the new victims of Gossip Girl. Set nine years after the site went dark and in a time when social media is bigger than ever. Who is behind the website this time, and what secrets are going to come out?

The series will look at how social media has changed over the years. Of course, New York has also changed over the course of nine years, so it’s something else that needs to be covered.

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Gossip Girl will come to HBO Max on July 8.