Is NCIS new tonight on CBS? Tuesday June 1, 2021

Last week on NCISwhile tracking down a dangerous arms dealer, Bishop was implicated in an old NSA leak which started a domino effect we weren’t quite prepared for.

After the leak came to light, Bishop initially denied her involvement but would later take full responsibility for her role in the leak. Before any decision could even be made by Vance, Bishop turned in her gun and badge and walked away from the team and all those she had come to know in love.

As we later discovered, the leak was done in part to build a cover story for Bishop who was about to leave to work undercover alongside Odette, the former CIA operative who worked alongside Ziva over the years.

That wasn’t the only shocking moment from the episode though, as the episode ended with an explosive final moment that saw Gibbs’ boat explode with Gibbs on board. While it was teased that Gibbs survived the ordeal, the moment left us with plenty of questions but should we expect to get some answers this Tuesday night?

Is NCIS on tonight?

Unfortunately, the reason last week’s NCIS left us with so many burning questions and big cliffhangers was because of its status as the season 18 finale. With the season now complete, there will not be a new episode of NCIS airing this Tuesday evening on CBS with the Eye network instead airing a rerun.

Is NCIS season 19 happening?

NCIS season 19 is indeed happening! After CBS managed to lock in a new deal with Mark Harmon, the network confirmed it had renewed the show for a nineteenth season. It’s unclear whether the show will continue beyond season 19, but at least we know there will be at least one more season of NCIS to enjoy and that our favorite agents will return for another season of crime-fighting next season.

When does NCIS return?

While we know season 19 is happening, CBS has not yet revealed when NCIS will be returning; however, there are a few key pieces of information we do know about next season.

First, it has been confirmed that NCIS season 19 will be a part of the CBS fall line-up which means that the new season should begin sometime in September or October, depending on when CBS looks to kick off its new season. We also know that when the new season does arrive it will mark a major change for the flagship series, as NCIS is on the move to Monday nights after spending 18 seasons on Tuesdays.