Is The Flash season 8 coming in 2021?

Will The Flash season 8 premiere in 2021 or later? Here’s what we know (so far) about when new episodes of Barry Allen are coming to the CW.

Our favorite CW superhero series is still premiering new episodes at the time of this writing, but we are still curious about when season 8 will debut. With the end of season 7 approaching, and so many changes to come next season, we’re all curious to learn more about season 8, particularly when it’ll premiere.

Because of the pandemic, there was a shake-up. We weren’t sure about the future of The Flash. But the dust has now settled so everything should go back to normal, right?

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From two major characters leaving, new cast members joining, and a sure-to-be insane cliffhanger, we already have so many questions about The Flash season 8. For now, here’s what we know about the premiere date.

When does The Flash season 8 premiere?

Season 7 of the DCEU TV series premiered on the CW on March 2021, that alone should tell us all we need to know, and that’s that season 8 will not premiere in 2021.

While no official premiere date has been announced at the time of this writing, each season of The Flash has premiered in the month of October. Well, every season except season 7, of course, due to the pandemic.

Due to the pandemic, premiere dates were pushed around. Our best guess for a season 8 premiere date is early 2022. If anything changes or an official debut date is announced, we’ll be sure to late you know!

The Flash season 8 cast

As for the cast, season 8 will not see Carlos Valdes and Tom Cavanagh returning. Replacing these characters, will be Nora West-Allen and Bart Allen. This should be interesting! I  have a feeling these aren’t the only new characters who’ll join the upcoming season.

Keep us bookmarked! We’ll update this page as soon as new information surfaces.