General Hospital spoilers: Peter gets blasted by Maxie and fans are here for it

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General Hospital has been chock full of drama the past week. Fans have been waiting what seems like an eternity for Peter August to be taken down and it looks like their wish will finally be granted.

At the end of Wednesday’s show, Finn stopped Peter in his tracks as the soap villain was trying to make his getaway, as Soap Central indicated. Before this, however, was Peter’s confrontation with Maxie, the “love of his life.”

Maxie had just given birth in the woods, with the help of Dr. Austin, who looks an awful lot like the now-deceased Franco Baldwin. She delivered baby Lou after being terrorized by the crazy nurse who was hired by Peter. She finally moved ahead with her plan to give her child to Brook Lynn Quartermaine to keep her daughter safe from her daddy.

After she was taken to the hospital, Maxie saw her opportunity to mess with her ex-fiancé’s head–and it was amazing! He slipped up by saying that the nurses’ name really wasn’t Chloe. She then went on to blast Peter out of the water and made him cry.

It was also amazing that Maxie recorded his confession on her phone. Before Peter had a chance to grab it, she had already sent it off to her uncle Mac at the PCPD. She knew what she had to do and she implemented it so well that it even took Peter by surprise.

General Hospital Fans Adored Maxie’s Feistiness

Viewers were thrilled by what Maxie had to say to Peter during their confrontation. They loved every minute of it. They were even more impressed by actress Kirsten Storms for her portrayal of a mother who just had to give her baby up to keep her safe from the man who goes around killing people that gets in his way.

Between calling Peter a “cheap imitation knock-off” of his evil genius dad Faison and telling him how repulsed she has been by him all this time, she knocked it out of the ballpark.

General Hospital fans thought she was phenomenal and even went so far as to say that she gave an Emmy-worthy performance. She was that good. Peter didn’t know what hit him. Unfortunately for him, he is about to get hit even worse by the end of the week.

What’s Next For Peter August?

The General Hospital writers have given a glimpse of Peter’s fate throughout this past week. A few days ago, viewers saw him at the bottom of the stairs with a pool of blood surrounding his head. It appears that he will fall–or most likely is pushed–down the stairs. Will this be the end of Peter August?

Fans seem to be pretty sure that he will survive the fall. Finn will most likely be involved since he is desperate to get his hands on the anecdote to save Chase’s life. Elizabeth will also see Peter lying there. Will they leave him there and not try to save him?

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What do you think will happen to Peter?

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.