Pushing the Line offers thrills from your own living room

Pushing the Line -- Courtesy of Discovery
Pushing the Line -- Courtesy of Discovery /

Are you ready for thrills from your own living room? Tune into discovery+ to check out Pushing the Line. Take a look at this peek at the series first.

Some people are scared of dying. Then there are others who are scared of not living. Pushing the Line focuses on people in the latter group. They don’t want to leave the world without experiencing the thrills of life.

If they die in the process? They’re not too worried about that.

To be honest, they’re not doing things that will necessarily kill them, but they are taking part in some dangerous activities. They look like a lot of fun based on the trailer we’re sharing below thanks to our friends at Discovery.

Experience Slacking on Pushing the Line

The sport you see is like nothing else. It’s known as Slacking, and it’s full of thrills and excitement.

People walk along a rope no wider than a belt thousands of feet in the air. Don’t worry; they’re harnessed onto the rope. If they fall off—or choose to jump off—it’s a little like bungee-jumping. And they’re all more than willing to get a little wild.

In fact, the trailer shares just how wild they’re willing to get. There has to be some chafing going on there, right?

The series follows a group of some of the heavy-hitters within the sport for 30 days. Andy Lewis, the man who invented the sport, and Mia Noblet, who holds the world record for the longest walk (for both women and men!) are part of the series. There are also some younger athletes ready to take on the challenges to become the best of the best.

While sharing the highs (and lows?) of the sport, we’ll also get a chance to see inside the community. Everyone knows everyone, and everyone knows everyone’s business.

Watch out for stunts each week on Pushing the Line. This is not a series you’ll want to miss out on.

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Pushing the Line is now streaming on discovery+.