Awake on Netflix spoilers: What is the cure for sleeping?

Awakestarring Gina Rodriguez, is now streaming on Netflix. Was Jill able to find a cure for being able to fall asleep? Spoilers ahead!

The mystery thriller, Awake, hauntingly shows audiences what happens to our bodies and minds if we don’t sleep. The story follows Jill and her children just as a global event wipes out all electronics, including cars, phones, and even watches.

Humans are also no longer able to sleep after this. As tired as they are, they just can’t sleep, which quickly takes a toll on the body. However, Jill’s young daughter, Matilda, is able to sleep just fine. Why? That’s the question everyone wants to know as Jill is torn between giving her daughter up for tests or keeping her safe, though she knows she’ll eventually die and leave Matilda to fend for herself.

If you haven’t watched the Netflix movie yet, please note there are spoilers ahead! Only read on if you’d like a breakdown of the final scene or don’t mind spoilers.

What is the cure for being able to sleep in Awake?

Towards the final act, Jill’s son Noah is believed to be dead, but later revealed to only be passed out, which humans are not able to do. However, he did die momentarily, which makes Matilda discover the cure as she, too, died for a moment at the start of the movie when Jill’s car crashed into the lake.

To sleep and function properly, one has to die and be resurrected. This is the only way for the brain to “rewire” to how it was before the global event changed things.

It explains why Matilda and Noah are now able to sleep. It also explains why they weren’t able to find a cure from the tests they ran on the older woman at the lab.

Matilda and Noah decide to drown Jill (who was already slowly dying from no sleep) and then perform CPR on her. The camera drifts away, but we do hear Jill gasping for air so, knowing she was unconscious before, audiences can assume their plan worked.

What do you think? Is resurrecting the cure to being able to sleep again?

What are your theories? Did you enjoy the movie?

Awake is now streaming on Netflix.