General Hospital spoilers: Will Sonny follow Nina back to Port Charles?

Photo Credit: General Hospital/ABC, Craig Sjodin Image Acquired from Disney ABC Medi
Photo Credit: General Hospital/ABC, Craig Sjodin Image Acquired from Disney ABC Medi /

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, June 10, suggests that Sonny Corinthos, aka Mike, may finally be returning home to Port Charles in the coming days. He has no idea that he has family and friends, who all believe he is dead, that would be shocked to see him miraculously show up alive and well.

On Wednesday’s show, Nina got a call from Michael letting her know that he and Willow changed their minds and that she could visit with her grandson, Wiley. Of course, viewers know that it was Jax who blackmailed him into changing his mind after threatening to tell Chase about his and Willow’s current relationship status.

Now Nina has left Nixon Falls–and Mike–to return home. In the previews for Thursday’s General Hospital, Lenny mentions to Mike that he should hop on a plane to Port Charles and surprise Nina. She wouldn’t be the only one surprised by his appearance. His wife Carly, not to mention everyone else in town, would be in shock to see him.

How would Nina ever explain to Carly that she has been keeping her mobster husband away from her and has fallen in love with him? Carly isn’t exactly a forgiving person and Nina would certainly feel the wrath of Carly when all is revealed.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Nina and Carly confront each other

Spoilers from SheKnows Soaps reveal that the two women will indeed be confronting each other soon. There isn’t confirmation that Mike–or Sonny–will take Lenny’s advice and go after Nina. However, that would certainly shake things up a bit.

Fans are getting quite weary of this storyline with Nina thinking that she can hide Sonny forever in Nixon Falls without anyone ever finding out. It’s also curious that Sonny has had no recollections at all about his life in Port Charles so far, except those dreams of a blond woman.

If Sonny does follow Nina back to PC, who will be the first one to notice him? Jax was the one who got Nina back for Wiley. Wouldn’t it be like him to keep Nina’s secret if he discovered that Sonny is alive? He could decide to keep it from Carly knowing how revengeful she would be against Nina.

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