Netflix’s Outer Banks Season 2: Watch the official teaser

Finally, the Pogues have an official return date. After weeks of speculation, Netflix announced that Outer Banks Season 2 will arrive on July 30, 2021.

Outer Banks Season 2 will pick up with John B and Sarah Cameron on their way to the Bahamas. In the Season 1 finale, John B and Sarah were rescued by a cargo ship after their boat capsized due to the storm. By a stroke of luck, the cargo ship is headed to the Bahamas, which is the same place where Ward Cameron sent the gold he stole from the Royal Merchant.

While John B and Sarah head to the Bahamas, the rest of the Outer Banks community were led to believe that John B and Sarah died in the storm. JJ, Kiara, and Pope were devastated to learn the news about their fellow Pogues. Also, Deputy Shoupe was set to question Ward Cameron about the deaths of John B’s father and Sheriff Peterkin.

Outer Banks Season 2 will deal with life in the OBX community after the presumed deaths of John B and Sarah. In the Bahamas, John B and Sarah will attempt to regain the gold that they found and prove John B’s innocence.

Watch Outer Banks Season 2 teaser

In addition to the date, Netflix released the official teaser for Outer Banks Season 2. The caption is “Let’s go for gold, Pogues,” so you can expect another season full of hijinks and treasure hunts.

In the teaser, John B and Sarah are alive in the Bahamas, but they will soon be on the run as evidenced by the car chase in the footage. Is this the work of Ward Cameron? Ward was willing to kill a sheriff over the gold so I wouldn’t put it past him to hunt down his daughter and her boyfriend.

Also, the footage highlights JJ, Pope, and Kiara honoring their friends’ memories. As previously stated, they have no idea that John B and Sarah survived the storm. How will they react when they find out their friends are not only alive, but after the gold once again?

Below is the official teaser from Netflix.

Outer Banks Season 2 premieres on July 30, 2021.