Where can you stream F9 movie? Is it on Netflix or HBO?

For most, F9 is one of the most anticipated movies of not just the summer but the year. The franchise has accounted for over six billion dollars at the box office, and the franchise’s latest installment has arrived.

The box office has been kind to films with star power (A Quiet Place Part Two and Godzilla v. Kong), and F9 has already grossed over $290 million overseas, ahead of its North American release. While many critics have said the latest film isn’t on par with the last few movies, I still recommend checking this out on the biggest screens.

The Fast and the Furious franchise has and always will be the perfect popcorn summer blockbuster. Over-the-top action, intense fight scenes, and Dominic Toretto making a toast to family, what more could you want from the movie?

I plan to see it on 4DX on Friday. I have seen several movies in the 4DX, and some don’t live up to the hype of these insane chairs. F9 is going to change that game. Can you imagine the seats going back and forth, fog coming out of the screen, and the mist flying out at you while John Cena and Vin Diesel are going to battle? I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

Can you watch F9 at home?

Unfortunately not, as more theaters begin to open, fewer films will be available as dual releases (outside of WB/Disney+ films). With that being said, the new guidelines in place, depending on how it does at the box office, fans could see the movie available on VOD soon.

When the movie is available to stream, it will become slightly tricky. HBO Max has a deal with Universal Pictures to release their films nine months after release in theaters. But, Peacock also has rights to Universal’s films as well. We would see the film hit VOD before it is available to either of these platforms.

If anything changes or there any updates we’ll be sure to keep you posted!