General Hospital spoilers: Jason and Carly take a huge step to protect loved ones

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Last week on General Hospital, an explosion happened at a Corinthos warehouse. The Novak family has spoken and now it’s up to Jason (and Carly) to decide how to respond to it. Now that Jason is back in full action, and ready to take Sonny’s place in the business, he needs to figure out how to handle this new threat.

A new General Hospital promo for the week of June 28 reveals Jason and Carly sitting down to discuss their next move. Jason tells her that it’s a big step and that “there is no going back.” It has been rumored for weeks now that these two BFFs will end up getting married in order to appear stronger to the five families. It looks like it’s about to happen very soon.

Yes, the mob business in Port Charles can be quite complicated, especially now that Sonny has been presumed dead. Of course, viewers know full well that the head mobster is still alive and living a nice, quiet life in Nixon Falls thanks to his amnesia, and to Nina who is keeping him all to herself.

Jason and Carly’s plan to marry will be to protect their loved ones from the other families who are fighting to gain control in Port Charles. Unfortunately, there are many people who are in the line of fire and Jason is not about to let anyone he cares about get hurt. That includes his new love interest, Britt Westbourne.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Sonny may be back home soon

It’s only a matter of time before Sonny (Mike) returns home. According to upcoming spoilers, Phyllis will once again put a bug in his ear about seeking Nina out in Port Charles. He has no idea that he has a wife and children there that are mourning him. It’s likely that his wife Carly will already be married to Jason before they find out that he is alive.

With wedding bells approaching for the two BFFs, how will their loved ones handle it? By the end of the week, Carly will get her family together to supposedly break the news. Her kids will likely understand that they are doing this to protect them. However, it’s Britt that may not be so understanding.

The week of July 5, General Hospital will see Britt and Carly having words. These women are both strong-willed and can throw punches with no problem. Carly isn’t happy with Britt’s relationship with Jason anyway and this will be the perfect opportunity to tell her to stay away from her new husband or they will all be in danger.

Things may get a little complicated if Britt ends up pregnant. Of course, spoilers say that she and Jax may be getting a little cozy in the near future, so there’s that. And what will happen when Sonny does return?

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Are you happy to see Jason and Carly get hitched?

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