Where can you stream the Zola movie online? Will it go to Netflix or HBO Max?

Zola from a24, image courtesy a24
Zola from a24, image courtesy a24 /

The Zola movie, based on the viral thread, is now playing in select theaters. But what about streaming? Where can you watch the movie online free?

Just in time for the summer, as the pandemic threat lowers, more and more movies are making it to the big screen and movie fans can’t wait to go back to theaters. We’re so glad that a movie like Zola has made it the big screen. It’s an important story to share, and also proves how powerful social media can be.

The story follows Aziah Wells aka Zola, a young woman who took to Twitter to share a wild and dangerous weekend she spent with a friend. Learn more about it and check out our review HERE.

Needless to say, fans, particularly those who remember reading all 148 tweets back in October 2015, can’t wait to watch the movie this weekend.

The Zola movie is playing in select theaters, so that’s the first place to look. But most movies these days are also streaming online free with a subscription (with the exception of most Disney+ movies). Is this the case for Zola, too? Here’s what we know!

Can you watch the Zola movie online free?

Unfortunately, no. Zola is only playing in theaters and it doesn’t seem like there are any plans to stream the movie on Netflix, HBO Max, or any other streaming service at this time.

The A24 movie may become available to rent soon, though, as most A24 movies go to VOD about two weeks after their release date.

Months from now, we could find the movie on Netflix. Just like A24’s Uncut Gems, Zola could find a streaming home there. We’ll be sure to keep you posted if that’s the case here or any other details that may surface about where to watch the movie online.

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Where would you like to see the movie stream? Are you watching it in theaters or waiting for a VOD release?