General Hospital spoilers: Jason breaks Britt’s heart

On Thursday’s General Hospital, Jason and Carly will share some shocking news. All week long, viewers have seen the twosome go back and forth as they discussed the best way to handle the five families.

Things are getting dangerous in Port Charles as the Novak family is putting the pressure on. After sizing up the situation and getting some legal advice from Diane Miller, the two BFFs have supposedly decided to get married.

While they haven’t actually come right out and said the word marriage, that is what it’s leading to. So, now they will be breaking the news to their loved ones. This should be good-or not.

Carly throws a party at the Corinthos abode-which may soon be the Morgan abode- in what is likely being held for Josslyn’s graduation, considering that there are pink balloons in the background in the General Hospital preview. While she has everyone gathered, Carly is set to make an announcement.

While that is going on, Jason heads to find Britt to break her heart. She has finally found someone that gets her and supports her, but that is all about to be tossed away. The happiness that she feels right now is going to be shattered. The question is-will he be completely honest with her on why he is marrying Carly?

General Hospital spoilers tease that Britt may move on quickly

Spoilers for the week of July 5 reveal that Britt is expected to spend some alone time with Jax. This pairing seems a bit off, but she will have just had her heart broken by Jason. Also, Jax will likely be there when Carly makes her announcement, which will send him into a frenzy as well.

It seems that both Carly and Jason would have to be honest with their loved ones. Why else would they become husband and wife other than for the business and to keep everyone safe? Let’s hope they just tell the truth this time.

Things are about to change if Jason and Carly do end up getting hitched. Of course, when Sonny eventually returns home, their marriage will not be binding anyway. When Sonny gets his memories back and realizes what transpired while he was gone, it may send him reeling. Will he completely understand that it’s just business?

What are your thoughts on this “business” arrangement?

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.