General Hospital recasts Spencer Cassadine: Meet Nicholas Alexander Chavez

General Hospital on ABC, image courtesy ABC
General Hospital on ABC, image courtesy ABC /

The teen scene on ABC’s General Hospital is about to expand a bit. While Spencer Cassadine has been one of the most well-loved characters, previously played by Nicholas Bechtel since 2013, it appears that the soap has decided to bring in a fresh new face for the role. Nicholas Alexander Chavez has joined the cast and made his official debut on July 1, 2021.

It had been rumored for weeks that Spencer would be returning to Port Charles. The last we saw of Spencer, he was not too happy with his father, Nikolas, who had previously faked his own death. He was also not thrilled with Nik’s choice of a new wife, Ava Jerome.

These two have been stalked by someone. While Ava assumes that its former beau and serial killer Ryan Chamberlain, General Hospital fans predicted that Spencer was actually behind it. And it looks like they may be right.

On Thursday’s show, an unknown masked male arrived at Ava’s art gallery with a bag of tricks in hand ready to possibly leave yet another disturbing gift. However, he was interrupted by Trina who was looking for Ava. In the previews for Friday, it looks like Nikolas also shows up. Will he discover his son there?

While it’s not definite that Spencer is really the one doing the stalking in order to get back at his dad, all the clues hint that way. Whatever is the case, having Spencer back in Port Charles will surely shake things up with teens Trina, Joss, and Cameron.

Who is General Hospital’s Nicholas Alexander Chavez?

This handsome new actor appears to be fitting in with the General Hospital cast already. He only has two posts on his Instagram account and his latest in early June revealed a nice “lil purchase” he made. Now that he’s got a decent paying acting job, Chavez bought himself an awesome white corvette complete with red interior.

He shared the pics on social media. His fellow castmates, William Lipton, Eden McCoy, and Sydney Mikayla, took to the comments to share their excitement after seeing his new sporty vehicle. It looks like they are tight already, off screen as well as on.

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Are you happy to have Spencer back, despite having a new face?

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.