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Motherland: Fort Salem season 2 episode 4, “Not Our Daughters,” is the episode we’ve been waiting for all season. Though for differing reasons. Prepare yourselves, switches, the match that’s lit during episode 4 is certain to have major repercussions throughout the rest of season 2.

Last episode, “A Tiffany,” saw Anacostia and Scylla stumbling across a witch test operated by the Camarilla to test children for witch heritage.

It’s crawling through schools, potentially under the radar of the American government, and it’s bound to wreak havoc for those unfortunate enough to be caught outside of a sanctioned testing center. Though witch tests in general aren’t being widely accepted by the public, so it’s not like the discovery of forgotten witch bloodlines is popular with anyone but the army.

However, Alder is about to have her own problem corroding the trust in her ranks during a crucial period of unrest.

Tensions explode in Motherland: Fort Salem season 2 episode 4

Motherland: Fort Salem has been peeling back the layers of what conscription means for witches since its beginning. The army is oppressive in its mission to not only protect Alder’s objectives whether they align with the American government or not but also in maintaining the existence of a powerful witch fighting force.

Abigail has been chafing under the Imperatrix’s goal to further the Bellweather line by reducing her down to her womb and the perfect partner to ensure her child can uphold her family’s legacy. As the only viable witch left in her line, it’s imperative that be her focus. Not becoming an asset to the army, not growing her work, not charting her own path, or making her own name but being a vessel for another Bellweather witch.

Meanwhile Tally and Raelle continue to be seen as invaluable for their abilities and connections. Raelle is Alder’s secret weapon, and Tally is not only bonded to Alder but she also can see sound. Unlike Abigail, they’re both being recognized for their powers.

As tensions build to a boiling point, this too will become an issue for the general whose actions have been dubious lately. She puppeted the president once again to get what she wanted, the consequences of which are set to blow back in her face with quite the riotous fury.

It’s a scene Anacostia and Scylla will be caught in the middle of along with the other witches. If you’re a Raylla shipper, their reunion looks like its incoming, switches. Who’s ready to get thrown into the middle of a protest that could change everything?

Watch a sneak peek of “Not Our Daughters” below:

Date: Tuesday, July 13, 2021
Start Time: 10 ET/9 CT
Episode: Season 2, Episode 4, “Not Our Daugthers”
TV Channel: Freeform
Live stream: Freeform Live | More

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