Where can you stream Die in a Gunfight movie: Is it on Netflix or HBO Max?

Die in a Gunfight is a modern Romeo and Juliet with an all-out gunfight war. The movie stars Alexandra Daddario and Diego Boneta. Here’s where you can watch the movie, whether you’d like to go to the movie theater or enjoy it from home.

Described as a “romantic crime-drama,” Die in a Gunfight is directed by Collini Schifflie and inspired by William Shakespeare’s popular Romeo and Juliet. While we have watched various retellings of the story, Die in a Gunfight truly stands out.

The movie follows two rival families who have hated each other for generations. Their dislike for one another is too deep and personal, but so is the love between Ben (Boneta) and Mary (Daddario).

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Will Ben and Mary be able to be together or die trying? Only one way to find out! Check out the trailer below and then read on to learn where to watch the movie.

Can you stream Die in a Gunfight at home?

The movie is playing in select theaters near you. With many more movies premiering these days, chances are your local movie theater has plenty of showtimes available. But if they don’t or you just prefer to watch the movie at home, it’s also available On Demand.

Which site is your go-to for buying or renting movies On Demand to watch at home?

This means that Die in a Gunfight is not and will not stream on Netflix, HBO Max, or any other streaming service. This movie is a theater release and On Demand exclusive.

The movie also stars Travis Fimmel, Kaya Scodelario, Josh Hutcherson, Olivia Munn, and others.

Will you be watching Die in a Gunfight this weekend? If so, will you be watching the movie in theaters or stream it On Demand? Which movie release are you waiting for this summer?