Fear Street 3 twist: Who was the real villain in the movie series?

The final movie in the Fear Street horror series is now streaming on Netflix and wow does it deliver! Coming from someone who is pretty good at guessing finales, I didn’t see this Fear Street 3 twist coming.

Please note there are spoilers ahead if you have not yet watched Fear Street 3 on Netflix. Stream the movie first before reading on.

From the beginning, it’s established that the one to fear is Sarah Fier, the witch who has placed a curse on the residents of Shadyside after she was killed for witchcraft. We are then distracted with great characters, timelines, theories, and horror movie references.

While I did remain skeptical about a certain character’s intentions, never did I imagine this person was the evil one all along. It’s even in the name! And it’s not the first time Fear Street pulls a trick on us, we were also surprised by the C. Berman reveal.

Once again, Fear Street 3 spoilers ahead! Final warning!

Fear Street 3 reveal: Who is really cursing the town of Shadyside?

As it turns out, Sarah Fier was a victim all along, guilty of falling in love. Sarah never made a deal with the devil or even kill anyone. On the contrary, all these years, she’s been trying to stop the real villain from murdering more innocents, desperately trying to clear her name.

The true bad guy all along, was Nick Goode. Goode is evil. Don’t fear Sarah Fier.

For generations, the first born in the Goode family line is tasked with carrying on the curse. And, in the return, the Goode family and Sunnyvale will prosper. Everything begins to make sense and I can’t believe I didn’t see this coming. Did you?

These are great, binge-worthy movies as they have so much to unpack! I’ll be rewatching all three over the weekend.

Watch all three Fear Street movies are now streaming on Netflix.