Where to stream Gossip Girl (2021) online

"She's Having a Maybe." Gossip Girl. Photograph by Karolina Wojtasik/HBO Max.
"She's Having a Maybe." Gossip Girl. Photograph by Karolina Wojtasik/HBO Max. /

Gossip Girl (2021) is the buzz of the internet and there’s no surprise why. Reboots have their own place in pop culture to be picked apart or glorified. Where this one will land is anyone’s guess, but if you’re tuning into this generation’s Upper East Side crew then you should know you’re in for a very different ride.

First, the central mystery of the series isn’t the identity of Gossip Girl, so you can throw that concern out the window. This reboot lets you know who the anonymous account belongs to in the premiere, “Just Another Girl on the MTA.”

The drama of the show is very much still steeped in the scandalous situations the students of Constance St. Jude’s get up to under the nose of their parents and teachers. However, the added element of how far Gossip Girl will go to get her dirt, wield power in the school, and keep her grasp on the ever shifting attention of the students is also a big part of the story.

If you’re looking to dive into the twists and turns of the new Gossip Girl, here’s how you can watch the show online.

How to watch Gossip Girl (2021) online

Gossip Girl streams exclusively on HBO Max. New episodes of the series release on Thursdays. There are a total of 10 episodes in the reboot. However, only six of the episodes have premiere dates which means you can expect a new episode every Thursday until August 12.

Come mid-August, we’ll be put on a mini-hiatus for Gossip Girl. Harper’s Bazaar reports that the last four episodes of the first season are set to release later in 2021. A premiere month has yet to be released.

We’ll keep you posted on more Gossip Girl (2021) news as it comes in. XOXO Hidden Remote, your go-to place for all things television and movies.

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